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Why Bitcoin is better than fiat currency

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If you are aware of the world of digital marketing, you may have heard the word Bitcoin.  Bitcoin is a type of virtual currency, and it comes under the branch of the cryptocurrency.  It is one of the most popular and commonly used cryptocurrencies around the globe. Bitcoin cryptocurrency is used for online transactions and dealings in the digital trading world.

You may wonder why digital currency is better than using fiat or conventional currency. This article will give you a sneak peek into the perks of using Bitcoin cryptocurrency as compared to the local or conventional currency.

History of Bitcoins

As we know that the world is moving to e-marketing and digital business. This has increased the use of cryptocurrencies making Bitcoins the most known type of cryptocurrency. If you want to know about the fact that why Bitcoin is better than the local currency you should know about the basis of Bitcoins and their history.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency is a totally automated type of currency that is based on cryptographic algorithm algorithms.  Bitcoins are not a physical type of currency and they have no physical existence.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency is a decentralized currency no one owns the Bitcoins and they are used in a circulating manner.  Bitcoin can be easily purchased from any online exchange. The most astonishing fact about the Bitcoin cryptocurrency is that this is the safest way to hold and save your money. In addition to saving your money, you can also use Bitcoins for your online dealings and transactions.

You can start using Bitcoins even if you have a small investment of around $250 USD. The use of Bitcoin is pretty simple, and there is no rocket science in it. Just like any other digital platform, you have to be a bit careful while using Bitcoins.

What makes Bitcoin better?

Following are the facts that make Bitcoin better than local currencies:

The facility of E-wallet

The most amazing thing about the between two currencies is that you can store it into your E-wallet which is also called the Bitcoin wallet.  This wallet works on blockchain technology.  you can use your stored Bitcoins for online transactions and digital railings. To know more about this trade bitcoin.

Bitcoin blockchain list

The blockchain list makes the Bitcoins one of the safest platforms when it comes to cryptocurrency.  Every transaction made to the platform of Bitcoins is stored on the blockchain list and anyone can see that. Your address and identity are kept anonymous but the details of your transactions are public.  This prevents the hackers from copying or duplicating your Bitcoin transaction details

Less volatile

Bitcoin cryptocurrency is a bit less risky as compared to the local currency. it is well as volatile and more crash resistance as compared to local currency.


The manifesto of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency is a totally decentralized platform and no one owns the currency.  As no bank or organization is involved in the ownership of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency that’s why it has no high fees of funds.  This fact makes Bitcoin a very affordable, cheaper,  immune, and Secure way of transferring and transacting your money throughout the globe.  This makes you the boss of your own dealings and no third party gets involved in the deals you make.

No third-party involvement

You can buy a bitcoin and can invest your money with them without any restrictions or electricity e infused by banks or other organizations like the government ETC.

No duplication

A number of people are producing fake cash nowadays but in the world of Bitcoin, there is no space for duplication or copying of a specific Bitcoin. Every Bitcoin has its own unique code and the details of this code are available to the public on the blockchain list. This makes the duplication of Bitcoin nearly impossible.

No boundaries

There are no boundaries when it comes to transactions through the platform of the Bitcoin digital currency. You can send and receive Bitcoins across nations without any heavy fee deductions. Bitcoin miners are responsible for the accurate and valid confirmation of your transactions.

Bottom line

This can be concluded by saying that Bitcoin is the next big thing in the world of the digital market. You can use them in any corner of the world without any hurdle or problem It is suggested that you should take proper measures while using Bitcoins, and you should not invest and amount of money the laws of which you cannot bear. A number of people use gold as a source of saving and investing. Bitcoin can also be used for the same purpose.

Story by Scott Mccall