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Why are students turning to online essay writing services so frequently nowadays?

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Essay writing is a very important aspect of every student’s life. If a student is unable to write great essays or unable to produce great assignments they are not good students according to many standards, students are bombarded with tons of essay writing assignments during their academic life. This prevails from all sorts of levels and 80 percent of the students don’t even get the grades that they were expecting, this leaves them very frustrated and under a tremendous pressure to secure an A grade, this is when they look for a cheap reliable essay writing service to get their work done.

What are essay writing services?

This is basically a service where a student hires a firm, company or a freelance editor to write an essay for them, the student provides the classroom material, tells them the deadline and the requirements for an essay and the freelancer does the work for them ata nominal price. Getting essays from such companies is cheap and fast. The students can get reliable essays written as quickly as possible, which makes there life easy.

How students use essay writing services

There are many reasons for which the students use these services. It can be as simple as just too much work load on them. Students who are not great writers turn to these services quite frequently. Students whose native language is not English may also seek such services. These services also motivate students to hire external help even when they don’t feel like writing. Hiring a freelance editor guarantees you that you will never fail in your class or ruin your GPA. So what’s the harm in hiring an essay writer for the task?

Are such services bad for students or their academic careers?

Most teachers would say that this is cheating, but students not always see it that way. Essay writers simply make the drafts look better for a student to secure better grades. Obviously, this might create serious problems too as students will never get a chance to improve their writing skills. They are also presenting someone else’s work as their own which is unfair for other classmates but it depends on the freelance editor one is hiring so it varies, some freelancers in the market can barely write better than the student. Does that mean they should call a ban in freelance writing service? Certainly not. If you don’t think its write or its cheating you simply don’t hire one.

Undoubtedly, learning how to write is essential for every student but seeking external help is not aberrant as well. It’s okay to opt for help when students are under a lot of pressure or simply can’t work due to lack of time, or if they are seeking help cause they want to improve their grades for their better and brighter future. Thus, why struggle when many cheap and reliable essay writing services are willing to help students 24/7.