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Why Afuzion’s plans and checklists are the most up-to-date in the world

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Afuzion is an avionics industry leader with veterans at the helm. Author of two books, one which is widely used in the industry and one which will be available shortly, Vance Hilderman acts as CEO of a company which has seen the training of in excess of 23, 000 engineers and managers from 35 countries.

The business has significant connections in aviation and through the betterment of safety, efficiency, certification, and engineering, the business has become a part of aircraft and system development globally. Seeing as safety is one of the most important aspects of aviation, Afuzion’s engineering proficiency cannot be understated and it permeates 90% of the world’s aviation development.

Why is Afuzion an industry leader?

The US-based business focuses on certification, consulting, and training of numerous safety-critical systems which are essential to commercial and military avionics. Their knowledge has been implemented in aircraft and system development all around the world principally when it comes to the betterment of safety, certification, effectiveness, and engineering. This knowledge has been amalgamated into plans and checklists which are world-class.

Through effective gap analysis, Afuzion helps companies to consider, minimize, and finally close safety-critical compliance gaps so that your engineering is supported by Afuzion’s process optimization and effective reduction of risk. With a 97% client repeat rate, Afuzion helps companies minimize safety-critical engineering costs whilst also optimizing productivity.

Their public training occurs globally with prestigious conferences including the Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC) and the Society of Aerospace Engineers (SAE) deciding to host them permanently. More than that, Afuzion has worked with numerous government agencies which are linked to the Military. Their training is catered to unique business needs focused on Avionics Systems Development, Avionics Software and Hardware Development, Aviation CNS / ATM, & Data, and Transportation and Automotive, and more.

What does Afuzion offer?

Their private and public training centers on DO-178C, DO-254, DO-278A, DO-200B, DO-326A, ARP4754A, ARP4761A, and CAST-32A Multicore. The company also offers many checklists, plans, and templates which are necessary to safety-critical systems. These include whitepapers and publications which were written by the Afuzion team themselves.

Their private training includes work on safety-critical system development, compliance, and certification concentrating on Aviation CNS/ATM, and Data; Aviation and Avionics safety; Avionics Software Development; Transportation and Automotive; Avionics Systems Development; and Avionics Hardware Development.

Afuzion offers the preferred safety-critical and variation certification planning templates which are only available through them – it’s been used by 7,000 engineers all around the world for certification with agencies including FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency), NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), ESA (European Space Agency), the US Army, and numerous others. These templates have the potential to minimize costs, risks, and changes whilst simultaneously optimizing productivity, reusability, and certifiability.

Final take

Afuzion’s safety-critical projects are integrated with Jama, a popular requirements management tool, so that results are traceable. Furthermore, the whitepapers offered by Afuzion have been assembled by the greatest minds of the industry – those who have spent extensive time dealing with just about every aspect of avionics, and they are made available on their website when requested.

Story by Virginia Sagal

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