Why AC repair bills are higher for larger Escondido homes

Air conditioner
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If you’re in Escondido and you have a larger home, you may notice after years of running your AC that you end up having higher energy bills. The weather can be pretty warm outside, and while this is one factor, there are often other reasons why your utility bills are much higher than it usually is during certain times of the year. If this is your case, then you may even need to have your AC repaired or replaced. In this guide, we’ll give you some tips on why your energy bill may be higher, and how to fix it.

Your Unit is Too Old

An HVAC unit is only meant to last about 10-15 years on average, although some models can actually run for about 20. However, without regular seasonal and yearly maintenance, which almost everyone NEVER does, you can end up aging your AC unit a lot faster than that and wearing it down. The solution? Try replacing your AC unit with a newer and up to date model. You may spend more on immediate expenses, but when it comes to your energy bill, you’re going to save a lot of money over time (and the unit will end up essentially paying for itself).

Thermostat Issues

Many thermostats have a fan model says W Air Conditioner Repair. It often is used to either provide automatic shutoff, or constantly run when switched to ON. Most companies tell people they should switch to auto, and for good reason. Having that high-powered fan running when your home isn’t even being cooled not only blows in warmer air (making your AC kick on more), but also wears on your electric bill as well (and can make them sky rocket). Instead, switch your AC’s fan to auto, and if you need be, use a lower-powered box fan to disperse air throughout the house.

Duct Issues

Over time, your air ducts will also develop leaks. If this happens, you’re actually wasting your cold air, and this often also puts moisture into your ducts. Moisture can cause all kinds of problems, from mold, all the way to moisture and rust or corrosion in your air ducts and air vents – which makes you lose more cold air and keeps your AC unit running longer.

Insulate Your Home

Just as insulation helps in the winter to keep your house warm, having adequate insulation in your home can also keep it much cooler during the summer months. Be sure that you take extra measures to nip air leaks in the butt (holes, cracks and air leaks around windows, etc.). Weatherizing your home can do so much more in the summertime than doing nothing at all. There are even people who leave their plastic on their windows all year long.


No matter what you do, there are numerous reasons aside from this even that can cause you to waste more energy. Remember – you’re not cooling the outside, so as much as you can keep your cold air inside your home, the better. It will not only help you feel more comfortable for longer periods of time, but will also save you money in the long run!

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