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Who doesn’t love chocolate at East Rock?

Cristin Sprenger of the Virginia Cooperative Extension Service offered a very appetizing discussion on the “Benefits of Chocolate” to 19 East Rockingham Senior Center members and four guests on November 19.

Ms. Sprenger discussed the origins and types of chocolate and mentioned the fact that chocolate fights free radicals in the body and consists of many vital nutrients,  including magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc.

Today’s discussion was especially mouth watering to those in attendance as we were offered the opportunity to try three types of chocolate, ranging from 86% caco down to 60%.  The higher the caco, the more bitter the taste, as members quickly found.  As Mrs. Sprenger explained, many chocolates contain phytochemicals, similar to what is found in tea, fruits and vegetables, soy foods, beans, nuts and seeds, and grains.  Sprenger also explained that dark chocolate has been shown to lower cholesterol levels.

As everyone learned today, the importance is not to overindulge!

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