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White House ’08: Zogby, Gallup have Obama in lead

Analysis by Chris Graham

Two national polls have Barack Obama surging back into the lead in the ’08 presidential race.

Both Zogby and Gallup have Obama ahead of John McCain by a 47 percent-to-45 percent margin.

The Zogby polling was done Sept. 11-13, before the news about the financial crisis on Wall Street hit this week. The two-point Obama lead represents a seven-point reversal from the Aug. 14-16 poll done by Zogby that had McCain up five.

Interesting nugget from Zogby: 48 percent of independent voters say the McCain campaign has been more negative.

Gallup’s polling was done Sept. 14-16, wrapped around the news about the Wall Street crisis breaking on Sunday and Monday. The lead for Obama in Gallup is his first since the end of the Republican National Convention. McCain had as much as a five-point lead post-RNC.

Interesting nugget from Gallup: 45 percent of survey respondents are calling the economy “poor,” and 81 percent say it is “getting worse.”

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