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Which money counter can count mixed bills?

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A money counting machine has become an essential item for businesses that deal with a lot of cash on a daily basis and that too for good reasons. These machines will save your employees’ time, increase their productivity, and protect your business against imminent losses resulting from counterfeit money entering your business.

There are many types of money counters, with the mixed currency counting machine being a top choice of most businesses. A mixed bills counter can count and sort mixed bills more accurately than humans. These machines sort bills by denomination, meaning that the machine discriminates between the different values of the bills placed in the hooper.

What is mixed denomination bill counting, and how it works?

Unlike single denomination bill counting machines, a mixed denomination bill counter allows you to load several bills into the machine regardless of their denominations. These counters use color image sensors to scan every note, followed by the bill-recognition system that determines each note’s denomination, corresponds the sum for each denomination in the stack, and places notes of similar value together from the batch.

To do away possible counting errors, especially when counting big stacks of cash, here are some pieces of cash counting machine mixed bills that will help you do the job:

Carnation CR1500 Mixed Bill Value Counter

If you are ready to spend more money to get your hands on a counter that comes packed with several valuable features, the Carnation CR1500 might just be your go-to machine. Available for $2,299, this machine can handle bills of different values at a time. This reliable counter can quickly count various currencies, including USD, CAD, and EUR. It also comes equipped with sophisticated counterfeit detection technologies.

The CR1500 has two pockets – stacker and reject – unlike most counting machines on the market. The hopper can hold approximately 500 notes while the stacker has capacity for 200 notes. It can count a maximum of 1,100 notes per minute.

DC-2800 Currency Counter Discriminator

This mixed money counter can count 900 to 1,500 notes per minute. Its hoppers can hold around 300 notes while stacker can hold 200 notes. It is available for $789.

C-1000 Currency Counter Discriminator

Available for $1,595, the C-1000 mixed currency counter can count 750 bills per minute at Mixed and Detection Mode and 1,100 notes per minute in Counting (Piece) Mode. It has a 90-day warranty.

Counterfeit detection and additional features

Most modern mixed bill sorting machines use one or more technologies to detect counterfeit bills. These include ultraviolet (UV) detection, magnetic detection, spectrum analysis, and infrared detection. Also, most mixed money counters come equipped with a reject pocket where counterfeit notes are separated. And for each machine, there are some additional features available, such as:

  • Reporting: Many machines offer different reporting options and can even connect to computers or printers to print the reports.
  • Multi-national currency counting: Enables you to count bills from other countries as well.
  • Front or back and up or down sorting: This feature allows you to feed bills into the counter without considering their orientation.


Money counting machines make the counting process quick, meaning they can boost productivity. They also remove the aspect of human error in money counting, which, combined with counterfeit detection features of such machines, can save your business from possible losses. Since there are different sorts of money counters out there, you must do your research and consider your business needs before buying one. It is always good to buy a cash counter that can count mixed bills and detect counterfeit banknotes.

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