Which is better: Live play comps or online bonuses?

online casinoThe goal of every casino player is to win. However, only the sophisticated players understand the importance of padding their bottom line with comps and bonuses, even during the unluckiest of days.

Whether you are into online casinos or the “real” (brick and mortar types) ones, these comps and bonuses will surely save your day. Yes, casinos are not forgiving in taking your money away; thus, it’s fair enough that they give you some money in your pocket at the end of the day. If you want to learn more about the different kinds of comps and bonuses, a lot of online casino reviews have a guide about that.

Like all the other things in this life, not all bonuses are made equal. When you experience playing both online casino and live play, you will soon realize how stark these differences are – from the requirements of each game type, the expiration date, the tier levels, and more. If you don’t monitor them, you will lose the opportunity of getting those bonuses and comps.

Here are a few tips and overview to help you understand how bonuses and comps work, so you know when to use them to your advantage.

Online Bonuses

When online casinos were introduced 20 years ago, the first ones which forayed into the business enjoyed decent profits since there’s not a lot of competition.

However, with technology becoming more sophisticated, the online casino industry has become a competitive market with hundreds of operators trying to outdo each other to attract players. A lot of online casino reviews, like https://www.newcasinos.org/casino-reviews/, have begun to surface to help players sort out the legitimate online casinos from the scams.

Because of the fierce competition, online casino operators began offering bonuses to lure players to come on board. Casino operators realize that offering some bonuses not only attracts players but it’s also a good strategy to encourage customer loyalty.

The first bonus you will receive when you sign up in different online casinos is the “Deposit Bonus” or also called the “Welcome Bonus.” This sign-up bonus is designed to lure players into registering on the site and make their first deposit. Some casino sites match up the amount of the deposit.

Aside from the welcome bonus, another common bonus offered is the “Reload Bonus” which players can avail if they, well, reload. Then, there’s also the “No Deposit”gift given when you go bankrupt. Check the promotions page of your favorite online casino site to check the rewards they offer.

If it’s your first time to be acquainted with online casinos, you might be wondering why don’t you use all the bonus given you instead of making a deposit. Or why not withdraw the money and leave?

Of course, online casinos have already figured that out even before they offer those bonuses. Thus, they set up the “playthrough system,” a stipulation that states a player can only unlock the bonus if their bets amounted to a certain total.

Live Comps

If online casinos use bonuses to attract players, live or brick and mortar casinos use comps, or complimentary. This scheme was introduced in the heydays of casinos in the 60s.

If you wonder where the expression, “winner, winner chicken dinner” came from, your guess is right – from the casinos. During their early days, casino managers ran a promotion where players with a winning blackjack hand would receive a complimentary chicken dinner.

Just like their online counterparts, live casinos use comps and other bonuses to ensure customer loyalty and, of course, to make them come back again and again. And it is indeed a very effective strategy.

You will see a lot of players who are willing to endure lengthy sessions at the table or slot machines and see their money taken by casinos, as long as they can get that free complementary from the deal.

Hotels like the MGM Grand and Caesar’s have created a Rewards Program which allows players to keep track of the complementary gifts they have received. The rewards card not only allows players to keep track of their rewards but it also entitles them to take advantage of other hotels’ comp programs.

For example, MGM’s M Life Program allows cardholders access to Bellagio, Luxor, and MGM Macau among others. No wonder customers are satisfied, so they keep coming back.

So, Which is Better?

Both online and live casinos use bonuses and comps to encourage customer loyalty. But which is better? The answer lies in the type of system that works well with the player. Therefore, players need to understand how each of the systems works so they can fully enjoy the benefits and take advantage of the rewards that go with it.

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