Which CBD sodas taste the best?

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Who said you could only smoke or eat your cannabis? While those were the only options in the past, you knew it was just a matter of time before someone changed the game. With drinkable cannabis, there are so many things you do while you get the effects you need.

One thing people wonder about, though, is the quality of the beverage. You’ve probably heard about various CBD sodas out there, but what if they taste funny or appear more like a bong-water cocktail with carbonation? It happens, but you don’t have to suffer.

Introducing CANN

CANN is a new brand on the market that has changed the way people consume cannabis. Instead of flavoring water with all sorts of things to take away the taste of the cannabis, you now have a delicious “social tonic” to enjoy.

Each can contains 4 mg of CBD and 2 mg of THC. Though you probably don’t focus on the design, these cute little cans have fun swirls and colors to help with your enjoyment.

Flavors available

Right now, the brand offers these playful flavors:

  • Grapefruit Rosemary
  • Blood Orange Cardamom
  • Lemon Lavender

They’re fun to say and delightful to drink.

How to consume them

The amount you drink depends on how much of a buzz you want. For example, a single can offers a very mellow feeling of euphoria. However, you can keep drinking more to stack up on those good vibes.

With low doses of CBD and THC, you can easily control your buzz. Plus, the cans are 8 ounces and have 35 calories, so you’re not going to go overboard for the day.

Be aware that it can take about 10 minutes to feel the effects after drinking a CBD soda. This is much faster than with an edible, so you might want to see how strong they are for you before downing a bunch.

Are they safe?

Yes. The brand takes quality seriously, so the cannabis extracts are all from stains grown in California to help you get a high buzz. The ingredients are all-natural, too, so there’s no risk of putting anything negative in your body.

Where to buy CBD soda

It’s unlikely that traditional grocery stores might carry them now or in the future. While you might consider going to a cannabis shop, there’s no need to go anywhere.

Most CBD sodas can be purchased online, making them highly convenient for you! Just scroll through the offerings, choose the flavor or flavors you want to try, and buy them directly. It’s so easy and fun.

However, many companies are just starting to roll out their CBD sodas. Therefore, you may not be in a delivery zone yet. Keep checking, though.


Did you ever think that you could enjoy your cannabis and a soda at the same time? Well, when you choose CBD soda, you can. With so many products popping up, you want the best of the best, and now, you can find it. Buy some online today and try the many delicious flavors available.


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