Where to do fitness when all the sports clubs are closed

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Unfortunately, visitors’ access to fitness clubs, swimming pools, and dance studios is closed. Those who are used to regularly go to the gym and run in the mornings have lost this opportunity due to quarantine. We were inspired by how AS Monaco coach Robert Moreno keeps his players in shape and compiled a list of online resources that will help keep you fit until the self-isolation mode is canceled.

Fitness Clubs

World Class. Online training on YouTube. You can see the schedule on the club’s website. Free program of the network of fitness clubs, launched in partnership with Sberbank, Okko, more.tv and Moskomsports: #FitnessProv Virus.

UFC Gym. The fitness club website has a video training section. On its page on Instagram the fitness club holds daily live broadcasts with training (free of charge).

X-Fit. There are broadcasts of training on YouTube in different directions: Atletica, Pilates, Yoga, Low Cor, Body&Mind, Street Fight, Dance Mix, X-Total PRO, there are also programs for children. It’s free of charge. You can look at the recordings.


Adidas. Created an online project #hometeam, in which the brand’s ambassadors will conduct training sessions live.

“Decathlon.” Conducts daily live training sessions on Instagram. Training recordings will be available on the YouTube channel “Decathlon TV” (free of charge).

Fit Play. The new project offers video training in-home workout areas, functional training, postpartum recovery, twine and more. The project also creates individual nutrition programs.

Yoga on Air. Online yoga classes in virtual halls. Participants will need a camera and a microphone to interact with the coach. The first lesson is free of charge.

SM Stretching. The project offers a wide range of remote programs, online courses, and marathons. On the platform, it is possible to train with a personal trainer as well as in groups.

“Crazy Drying.” This is an international ZOZG game in which the organizers pay the participant to lose weight. The program includes nutrition and training plan as well as training content. Online training is held every day for 40 minutes.

I Love Supersport. Zoom training focused on runners. Lessons are broadcast online, where the trainer gives feedback (no special training equipment is required).


Nike Training Club. It conducts live training on its website (you will need to download the application) and on Instagram in popular areas: yoga, endurance training (for men and for women separately), running, balancing exercises and many others. There is a version for iOs and for Android (free).

Yoga Studio: Mind & Body. English-language application for daily yoga classes. More than 280 asanas (poses) are available free of charge, you will have to pay for the rest. There is a version for iOs and for Android.

30 Day – Squat Challenge. Another English-language application, which offers 13 options for squatting, broken down into separate programs. It’s a squat challenge program, where you will have to squat for 30 days in a row. There is a version for iOs and for Android (free).

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