Where to apply eye cream so that it actually works

newspaperEye creams play a very important role in anti-aging maintenance and you can find great eye creams for under $30.  But, in order to get the best skin tone and moisturized skin possible, you have to apply your eye cream correctly.

Most likely, you’re probably applying too much or you’re not applying it to the correct area of your face. Yes, you should apply it near the eyes, but it does not belong on the top eyelid and should not go beneath the bottom lashes.

How to apply eye cream properly

Geri G. who is a celebrity esthetician and makeup artist says to apply eye cream along the eye socket by using your ring finger. Don’t apply it to the eyelids.

The ring finger has less muscle, so this means that it applies less pressure. Thus, you have more control over the cream application.

Just take a small penny-size amount of cream, and this is enough for both eyes. Then take 4-5 dots of the cream and place them a quarter of an inch apart. They should start by the outer corner of the eye near where crow’s feet would be, then dab it down towards the eye socket bone.

Just be careful to not put eye cream too close to your eye because the cream application area will expand when it warms up to your body temperature. After an hour or two, the product will be completely applied to the entire area.

Also, Renee Rouleau, another skincare expert and celebrity esthetician, warns against applying any eye cream on the eyelashes. This could easily lead to the eye cream getting in your eyes and irritating them. More eye cream does not mean less wrinkles. Instead, your skin acts as a sponge and simply uses what it needs.

Only apply eye cream in the morning

Also, using eye cream at night can cause your eyes to swell. But this does not mean that you are allergic to the cream. Instead, the eye cream often slopes into the eye because of the eye socket’s shape. The tears that you produce while you sleep creates a pathway that allows it to go into the eye, which leads to irritation, itchiness, and swelling.

Instead, you should just apply eye cream in the morning, and wait 10-15 minutes before applying other makeup or products.

Just remember that you need to get a feel for what works for you. Simply because something works for your friends does not mean that it will work for you.

Find formulas that help with hydration and restoration

However, it’s always good to find formulas that include hyaluronic acid because this will hydrate your skin. Also, peptides will restore the natural proteins in your skin.

So the next time you go to apply eye cream to your eyes, just remember to apply gently, apply lightly, and only apply in the morning. Use your ring finger delicately across the orbital (eye socket) instead of applying directly to the eyelids. These tips are sure to improve your skin tone and help keep your skin moisturized.

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