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Where is the real gambler’s paradise?

Any gambler worth her salt knows that Sin City is one of the gambling capitals of the world. There’s no question that Las Vegas gets the nod as the glitziest gambling center in the West, but what about the East?

Dubbed the Eastern Las Vegas, Macau rivals Vegas in a flash and as the world’s top gambling paradise. Which one comes out on tops? In this post, that’s what we’re going to figure out.

The Shows and Events

Both cities do put on a great show. The main difference, however, is that you might need to speak Chinese in Macau. If you want to catch a show in this city, check first what language it will be in.

This is not necessarily a problem, but it does tip the scales in favor of Las Vegas for those who only speak English. Want a rundown of the kinds of shows that you might see in Vegas? Check out our post – “5 Reasons to Visit Las Vegas.”

For the Traveler on a Budget

Of course, another big difference is the price of meals and accommodation. The team behind the casino review site known as Casino Sites was surprised to learn that meals in Macau were typically 34.17% cheaper.

He laid out all the information that he gathered for his research in the infographic below. Interestingly enough, if you stay one week in Macau, you will need almost $1,000 less than staying in Las Vegas for a week. That’s a lot of extra moola to spend at the slots, isn’t it?

The History

The cities also have very different histories. In 1911, when Macau legalized gambling, Vegas made gambling and booze illegal.

The Facilities

Macau wins hands down here when it comes to places to stay. It has almost double the number of guest rooms and hotels. In terms of casinos, it has some serious catching up to do. And if you love the slots, Vegas offers a lot more variety.

However, you will find familiar brands in both cities. The MGM Grand, Wynn, and Venetian have casinos at both places.

Tax on Winnings

Macau streaks ahead of its main rival here. Your winnings are not taxable at all in the city – whether you’re a resident or a visitor. In Vegas, the government wants a cut. Citizens of the United States pay a variable rate of between 25% and 30% on winnings, depending on how they won the money. Tourists pay a flat 30% on all winnings.

If You’re in a Party Mood

You might want to stick to Las Vegas. There’s a lot of entertainment to be had in Macau, but you’re not going to get any drinks. If you want to get plastered, Vegas is the better choice.

Final Notes

Overall, both cities vie for the title of Gambler’s Paradise. Each is unique and has own special charm. Our advice? If you love a game of chance, put both cities on your bucket list and decide which you prefer for yourself.

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