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Where and why to utilize e-wallets

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Are you familiar with electronic wallets? An e-wallet, also known as a digital wallet, is essentially an online service for transferring money. Some compare it to a bank or credit card whereas others would describe it as a pouch for your money in a digital form. Regardless of various names, e-wallets are a tool to deposit and withdraw money to various sources giving flexibility to transactions compared to traditional bank transfers. These wallets are most often utilized in online gambling sites but also for other reasons, such as various global payments, are the easiest to do with electronic wallets.

How do e-wallets operate?

First of all, the user needs to either download an app or use a browser version of an E-wallet. Then, electronic wallets are often linked to a credit or debit card. Depending on the e-wallet provider, some may suggest connecting your bank account to the wallet. Most e-wallets allow users to connect multiple credit and debit cards, accounts and reward cards to the account.

It is possible to deposit money from various sources to e-wallet and then make a deposit with e-wallet. Some electronic wallet providers take a small service fee of each transaction, so it is valuable to have a look and compare possible fees between providers. Some providers have their own credit card as well.

Various types of electronic wallets

There are three main types of e-wallets: closed e-wallets, semi-closed e-wallets and open e-wallets. Out of three, closed electronic wallets are the most limited ones as they are designed to make deposits only with the provider of the wallet. Amazon Pay or loyalty card apps to a coffee chain are good examples of closed e-wallets. Semi-closed works within a certain network or certain websites. Open wallets work almost anywhere anytime.

Regardless of the type, some e-wallets provide VIP programs for loyal customers. Usually it takes time to reach those VIP levels. However if you are planning to utilize a certain e-wallet a lot, it may be valuable to have a look on helpful sites that boost your status to VIP immediately. VIP customers get lowered fees and get a manager to provide the best customer service for them.

E-wallets versus other money transferring methods

How does electronic wallets compare to bank transactions, credit and debit cards as well as prepaid cards? When compared to traditional bank transactions, the difference is definitely in the speed. Money transfers with e-wallets are almost instantaneous whereas bank transfers may take several business days to show up on recipients’ bank account. The lack of speed occurs also when comparing credit cards and electronic wallets. It must be noted, however, that in some cases it is wiser to utilize credit cards especially when making bigger purchases.

Most of us thought that prepaid cards are the thing of the past. This could not be further from truth as many are looking for a simple way to deposit exactly what is needed. After all, Neteller and Skrill are owned by the same company as Paysafecard, a popular prepaid card provider. Although these methods are used in slightly different situations, it is possible that prepaid cards and electronic wallets will merge in one way or the other.

Three reasons to choose e-wallet

When making any transactions with an electronic wallet, you can be sure that they are instant. Oftentimes there is no time to wait on days for the deposit to arrive. Most of us have experienced these delays when transferring money to our friend who uses a bank different from ours. As mentioned, those engaging in online gambling love to utilize electronic wallets. Since e-wallets provide almost instant deposits, it is the preferred depositing method for many players. Not many of us would like to wait when there is an itch to spin those reels a bit. Regardless of the reason for money transfer, having fast payments is essential in these times.

Besides speed, electronic wallets are considered to be a safe option for money transfers. Oftentimes transactions have to be verified either by a password or fingerprint. What is also important to understand is that, unlike when paying with a credit card, there is no need to reveal your credit card number. So, even if your highly secured e-wallet would get compromised by a third party, they would have access to only what you keep in your e-wallet.

Finally, electronic wallets provide flexibility. E-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill have been at the forefront of the revolution of payment methods. In 2021, more and more people are choosing to opt for various methods of mobile payment. As a mobile wallet is on your device, there is no need to keep a wallet with you when going to grocery stores or just placing some bets while stuck in a crowded bus.

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