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When and how to use short-term loans

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The visits to banks and dealing with financial ups and downs are a very stressful and time-consuming process. Many people try to avoid thinking about loans and other aspects of lending money. While you may be saving money and avoiding unnecessary purchases, it is beyond your control when unexpected bills and expenses come across. The medical bills, sink that requires the immediate fix, and many other jams we all know too well.

At some point, the loan may become unavoidable. But it can’t be just any type of loan or the first type you saw online for that matter. Before making this step, you must be aware of all nuances and investigate the service provider terms and conditions. Sounds pretty reasonable. Here are some pieces of advice for those who need borrowing and why a short-term loan may be the right solution for their situation.

When you need a short term loan?

You may request short term loans if:

  • You experience some problems with extra cash before you receive your salary. For instance, you have to buy a present for your significant other, but your paycheck is somewhere two weeks ahead. Therefore, you may consider a quick borrowing; even if you don’t return the exact amount you borrowed, you still can do everything you need on time.
  • Emergencies like out of order sink, when it is really hard to convince the specialist to wait for their payment. The same goes for any emergency that is not associated with everyday expenses. Therefore, you lend a small amount of money to cover this emergency and return it as soon as possible.
  • Medical bills that require its coverage as soon as possible. Some types of insurance don’t provide specific services, but you need to visit a physician at the moment. Of course, we wish medical bills were never a case for lending money.
  • Other situations where short-term agreement between you and lender is a saving grace.

What’s a payday loan?

It is one of the most common types of short-term loans, the one that you give back within several days or weeks, sometimes months. It is rare for payday loans to be taken for a period longer than several months, but it is always an individual case when you agree to specific terms and conditions regarding your particular situation. For instance, has 4 months as the minimum period of repayment and 48 months as the maximum period. Surely, everyone should make payback as soon as possible. The major pro of this type of loan is its accessibility (your credit score doesn’t impact the decision of the lender), quickness of acquiring the money, and availability (most payday lenders are available via convenient websites).

This option is easy, and you don’t have to wait in enormous lines just to jump into a pile of bureaucracy procedures and then wait again for the resolution. Whenever you have an internet connection and you need a quick cash advance, there you go. The response from the lender takes less than a few hours, and then the needed amount is transferred to your bank account. Of course, we highly recommend reading and learning all important legal policies and terms that the lender offers you and then push the “agree” button. Usually, all necessary info is provided there, so you don’t have to look up for anything hidden.

However, there is also a nuance associated with short-term loans and especially with payday loans. It would help if you were confident that you would return this money within a provided term, without any delays. At the same time, you should borrow the amount that will be appropriate for your situation, not the amount that you wish to spend “if you had this amount of money.” Yes, the most obvious pitfall with payday loans is a debt cycle where you can find yourself. It is common trouble where many people find themselves, and it is tough to avoid these outcomes. It would be best if you counted the fact that many loans have interest rates, and you are returning a bit more than you initially took. Still, if you are attentive to details and you have the possibility to control your further expenses, you will be a happy short-term loan user without side effects for your situation.

How to use the money

Foremost, it would help if you decided whether the situation requires a cash advance in the first place. If yes, then you should understand where this money will go. In other words, having a plan is better than acting without it. Indicate the exact amount you need to deal with the problem, then lend this amount and not a single penny more. If you are too careless with the borrowings, it may plunge you into the never-ending debt cycle, and it is hard to get out of there.

Always take into account the higher interest rates that are usual for any form of short-term loans and look if there are any additional fees put by the lender. It is also helpful to follow the strict schedule of returning the loan, so there would be no problems with additional fees for expiration.

Future planning

Making plans is always a good idea. Even if you are not a pro, it’s never too late to learn how to organize your finances. A short-term loan should be a temporary solution for your situation. The best way to avoid a debt cycle is to quickly return the money and start to save more than you spend.

Of course, it is easy to say, “manage your expectations,” yet you should see what to expect in the nearest future. Still, thoughtful research and analysis of your needs and your income may result in a clearer understanding of what to do next. Long-term goals and carefulness with financial decisions are your allies; even though it seems impossible, you are capable of making the best with your expenses and savings.

Story by Ali Raza

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