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What you should know about out of state car accidents during the pandemic

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As states begin to open for business, there will be a greater number of vehicles on the road. This will obviously increase the chances of being hurt in an auto accident. However,this does not mean that the danger of Covid-19 has passed, so what should you know if you are involved in a car accident during this time? Following are some much needed pointers to protect you and anyone involved on the scene.

Continue to Observe State and National Guidelines

The first thing you should know is that the pandemic is not over even though some states are easing their restrictions. Obviously, you will need to exchange information with any other vehicles, property owners or pedestrians involved, but remember to don your face mask and try to maintain that requisite 6 feet of distance between yourself and anyone else on the scene. Try not to touch anyone or anything other than what was in your vehicle and on your person if at all possible.

In Most Cases Notify the Police

Sometimes you may be involved in a simple fender bender in which both drivers judge the damage to be minimal if at all. However, it would be wise to contact the police so that you have a written report at the time of the accident. In this way, no one can go back after the fact claiming injuries or property damage not resulting from the accident.

If You or Your Passengers Are Injured

At this time, bodily injury in a car accident is a huge concern for more than one reason. If someone in your vehicle is injured and the police or paramedics responding to the call suggest being transported to a local hospital, you must make a big decision. You may not want to go to an ER where there are likely people suffering from this moderate to highly contagious disease, but is it in your best interest to refuse? Not only is it possible to have injuries that surface at a later date, but your attorney is better equipped to represent you, if needed, with accurate records of any injuries sustained.

Additional Advice for Not-at-Fault Accidents with Injuries

If you are not at fault, you may also be able to file extra pain and suffering due to worries over being exposed to contagions. While this may not be an issue as yet, there is every likelihood a lawyer could ask reparation if you are suffering panic as a result of being exposed to contagions during a pandemic.

The main thing to be aware of is that in most cases you are required to contact the police for an accident report and that this will place you at greater risk of exposure. Always maintain the required distance and observe all guidelines as you have been doing. With more vehicles on the road, your chances of being involved in a motor vehicle accident are increased proportionately and many may be from out of town. Do everything you would normally do at the scene of an accident but give special care to following pandemic guidelines for that extra safety they offer.

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