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What you need to know about selling your home

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If the words “I want to sell my home but I have no idea where to start” have crossed your mind recently, you are in the right place.

Selling your home, unfortunately, is not as easy as getting rid of some of your other belongings, like selling your car or some of the clothes you bought but never wore. It requires more than just listing it online. There’s the packing, cleaning, moving, staging, and all sorts of meticulous details that go with it. It is not an easy or breezy process by any means but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to alleviate some of the stress that comes along with it.

Worry no more because we’re going to break down the most important things you need to know about selling your home so you can tackle it head-on as well as a few key points to remember along the way. Let us start by breaking down the main steps required in selling your home.

Create a listing

First and foremost, you want to create a listing so people know that you’re looking to sell. Typically, a listing includes professional photos of the home’s interior and exterior in which you upload along with additional information such as location, asking price, and details such as the number of bathrooms, bedrooms, square footage, etc. You could either do this yourself or hire a third party to assist you.

Prepare your home

Before you publish your listing, you have to prepare it for showings. This means staging it, making sure it’s clean, and getting whatever necessary equipment you will need for an agent to show your house such as a lockbox. You can also hire a third party to help you with not only this but also the rest of the preparation and execution that goes into selling a home.

Publish your listing

Once all of this is done, you get to publish your listing. There are a couple of ways to do this depending on your preference. You can either list it yourself on various real estate sites, or use a third party company that can conduct a listing review to check for errors and publish your listing to your local MLS (Multiple Listing Service) where your property can be shown on hundreds of real estate sites.

Work with buyers

Once your property is listed, you and your agent can begin to set up showings, communicate with buyers, create counter offers, accept offers, and more. The length of this step is different for everyone, depending on the location, market, etc. Once you find a buyer you think will fit, you can put together a contract and legal disclosure with a third party source or your agent.

Perform the closing

Last but most definitely not least is the closing. To do this, you set your closing time, schedule a final walk through, complete all necessary documents, and congratulations, you’re done! Take time to celebrate because you earned it.

While it may sound like a lot at times, there are plenty of ways to make selling your home a bit less daunting. Knowing the key steps is a great way to prepare to sell, as well as remind yourself of a few important things such as:

  • Selling your home is not an overnight process, it takes time
  • Choosing when to sell is not the same for everyone, the market is always fluctuating
  • It may not always go as expected, and that’s okay

Now with all of this in mind, we hope you feel more confident moving forward into the next big chapter of your life.

Story by Stephen Holm