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What you need to know about owning a home in Shenandoah Valley

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Shenandoah Valley is a beautiful area with many caverns. The valley stretches about 200 miles and is the perfect place for people who love the outdoors. If you are considering owning a home in Shenandoah Valley, here is what you need to know before buying.

Choosing Shenandoah Valley

One of the many benefits of choosing to live in Shenandoah Valley is the variety of activities that it provides for families and singles. Some of your options include going horseback riding, enjoying the river and hiking trails. The outdoor recreational activities in the area will keep you busy and entertained.

Agriculture is another important aspect of the Shenandoah Valley. This makes it an incredible place for foodies who love to explore farms and restaurants. The farm-to-table experience is authentic in the valley with a variety of cuisines.

The beautiful area is full of color in the fall and attracts people from all over the world to witness the leaves changing color. However, fall is not the only season you will enjoy. Winter is majestic because of the mountains, spring is full of life, and summer is warm and welcoming.

Average Home Prices

Families and singles looking for homes in Shenandoah Valley may be surprised to see the average home prices are reasonable and can be lower than other parts of the country. The average home price in Shenandoah County is $199,569. If you look at the listings for the area, you can see houses tend to be large and come with at least some land. The lower cost of living is visible in the housing market.

The per square foot price in Shenandoah County is $143, and it is a little lower than the $160 median for the state of Virginia. Compared to New York or California, these prices are much lower and more affordable for most families.

Home Insurance Prices

Another benefit of owning a home in Shenandoah Valley is that your home insurance prices may be lower than other parts of the United States. Since this area can have lower crime rates, it can help you get a better insurance deal. The average cost of home insurance in Virginia is $1,100 per year, but prices can go as low as $777 per year. Your actual home insurance costs will depend on the size of your dwelling and other factors, such as your neighborhood.

Buying Land

Many people are thrilled to learn that it is relatively easy to find and purchase land in Shenandoah Valley. Unlike heavily populated parts of the country, this area still has many acres available for sale at reasonable prices. In addition, buyers get a beautiful landscape instead of a congested, polluted zone.

Land prices can vary significantly. For example, 64 acres of land cost $225,000 in Strasburg, Shenandoah County, according to current listings. When you buy land in Shenandoah Valley, be prepared to clear it before building. Many of the plots have trees and other vegetation.

Making the Decision to Own a Home

Whether your heart is set on Shenandoah Valley or you have decided to find another location in Virginia, making the decision to own a home should not be taken lightly. This can be a life-changing opportunity, but it can also be one of the most expensive things you buy during your adult years.

As you consider buying a home, start by doing extensive research. Visit different neighborhoods in Shenandoah Valley and talk to people to see what they enjoy about living there. Find a good real estate agent that you can trust and discuss the area. Make sure you look at the crime rates, schools, parks, recreational activities and other factors that matter to you.

Next, figure out how much you can afford to buy. Can you afford a large home, or should you start with a smaller one? Decide if you should purchase land and build a new house or buy one that is ready to move in. Determine if you want a new house or an older one with more history behind it.

Then, talk to your real estate agent about getting prequalified and preapproved for a mortgage if you need one. Now, the fun part begins as you look for the perfect home or land in Shenandoah Valley.

You have to consider multiple factors as you think about owning a home in this area. It is a beautiful part of the country and will give you plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. You will have all four seasons every year and have the chance to enjoy them. The cost of living is lower, and home prices are affordable. Shenandoah Valley is a great choice for many families and singles who want to own a home.

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