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What you need to implement Odoo into your business operations

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Odoo implementation in your business is very important in ensuring successful growth. The extensive experience brought by Odoo helps minimize risks and maximize successful outcomes. To have a successful implementation, you will need to take an agile approach to Odoo, which will reap your vast rewards.

So how do you do it?

  • Do pre-analysis – You want to make sure that you conduct multiple meetings with the key managers, decision-makers, and people of importance in the organization. This will ensure that you get a positive feasibility report pre the beginning of the actual implementation. Again pre-analysis is vital in coming up with an operational plan before the execution.
  • Do the detailed analysisYou will need a thorough analysis here. The target here is getting a clear road map that the ERP implementation is taking shape for. Gather enough knowledge of the organization’s workflow, which will then provide an implementation strategy. This will boost the ERPs functionality and ready the organization for the Odoo partner implementation.
  • Undertake project planningAt this stage, you will need to plan how to implement the organization’s roadmap in the previous steps. Preparing a complete and gap analysis document, followed by a comprehensive business model, is important during this vital stage. You will also need to complete a step-by-step Odoo implementation at your organization’s asset.

Initiate the development

At this stage, begin to implement the solution designed for your organization by Odoo. The solution will fall under the following categories. Whenever necessary, the interface design, Dashboard designs, Access rights management, Report designs, System integration, Quality assurance tests, Deployment, Client walkthroughs, Client suggestion implementation, and Client approvals. Follow through all the categories as indicated.

Undertake Odoo implementation

After satisfactory completion of all the above steps, especially the client approval step, you can now proceed with the implementation of Odoo in your respective premises. At this point, complete the following; Agile approach to development and data migration in an agile approach.

Perform data migration

After you are successful with the application installation, configuration and implementation, proceed to business data migration from the prior system you were using into the new system developed for you by the Odoo support team. Odoo provides data migration through Web XML/CSV Files ETL Services.

Train with Odoo partner

A complete implementation is the only way to change the scenario in your organization completely. This is achieved by preparing a solid functionality and getting planned. Again this is not the end of this means since you will need to implement it internally through training which can be done via partners such as Hibou.

Accept support and maintenance

After going live, support is vital to the success of your ERP. You will need to accept these from Odoo to get new developments, leading to a permanent monthly arrangement.

How can Odoo help?

Streamline communication

A company’s cornerstone is contact with clients and suppliers. In the project management life cycle, good collaboration is the most significant success factor. A lack of coordination with the project manager, team members, and customers causes one out of every five projects to fail.


Odoo Inbox has you protected for open and reliable connectivity within your enterprise, including one-on-one and community texting, video chat, user and team voice calls, discussions, and file sharing. It makes for smooth coordination among team members, divisions, and the entire organization.

It’s also possible to organize and funnel communications into various networks (perhaps for specific projects, for technical support, general chat, and so forth). Users may use hash tags to coordinate multiple tasks, teams, and other objects and drag and drop files into the app to share them.

Live chat

In 1:1 meetings with consumers, live chat connects with the Odoo Website, enabling your staff to answer questions, arrange appointments, and market your product or service.


If you have a list of your customers’ phone numbers, you can use Odoo SMS to give them valuable information via email. Odoo VOIP enables two-way communication, allowing your customers to respond to any message you send and you to respond directly.

Spend less time on emails

For any professional, e-mail is one of the most important and time-consuming evils. You can’t stop talking to customers, and you shouldn’t try. Instead, search for ways to use less e-mail to get to the mailbox more efficiently. Eliminating unwanted e-mail communication and successfully handling your mailbox will help you concentrate on more critical things on your to-do list.

Use auto-responses

If you hear yourself saying the same thing to various people over and over, you should build an auto-response for it. And if you need to call or have more information right away, this automated email will provide people with more information and offer you time to answer!

You may, for example, generate an auto-response to a client request form that contains facts and connections about you and what could happen next. You can start a new marketing strategy with the Marketing Automation app.

With an introduction, create an email prototype and connect it to the campaign and use the appointments app to include a connection at the bottom of the email that guides prospects to your online calls, meetings, and appointment scheduling. When a potential prospect fills out and submits the questionnaire, an e-mail with the introduction will be immediately submitted. You’ll also need to check over their request, so you won’t have to hurry to answer because the email will be sent instantly.

The importance of streamlining your business

The secret to success as an entrepreneur is to establish and maintain a close relationship with your business. You can also outsource to get assistance, so you must have a thorough understanding of everything. After all, you’re the boss. So the best way to succeed is to set up a dependable infrastructure for you that guarantees high-quality work is regularly sent out the door on time; productivity and effectiveness are key.

There are many reasons to streamline a company; however, here are a few to consider:

If you can believe that the information you normally place on paper is important, you don’t have to have it all on paper; you can go digital instead.

It’s the first step toward automating all of the time-consuming jobs.

All of your data is kept in one location because you have a centralized management system. From internal contact and billing to e-mail marketing and scheduling, there is an app for everything.

Story by Brad Bernanke

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