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What you can expect from the best criminal lawyer

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A criminal defense attorney is a professional admitted to practice criminal law by the bar of a particular jurisdiction. They can be hired by the suspected offender or assigned a case by the court. Many criminal defense lawyers work as public defenders appointed by the local state and federal courts. Others are hired by private entities and have private legal offices.

Gather All Details About the Case

On your initial meeting, the criminal defense lawyer should gather as many details as possible about the case. By asking specific questions, he is able to identify possible defenses, strengths, and weaknesses. This involves a thorough interview of the defendant.

Investigating Into the Case

Apart from interviewing the defendant about the case, he must conduct further investigations to figure out possibilities of acquitting the defendant. This may include determining the procedures that the police used to investigate the case. Talking to witnesses with firsthand information about the case. All this information is used to devise a strategy and build a strong defense for the case. If there’s an expert witness in the case, the criminal defense attorney may interview them about their testimony.

This lawyer has the right to evaluate the prosecution’s case before it’s presented to the jury. This allows him to poke holes in the case in search of evidence to contest the prosecutor’s case. For instance, by hiring an independent expert to test evidence.

Analysis of Evidence

When analyzing evidence presented against the criminal defendant, a criminal defense attorney needs to judiciously study all facts and theories of the case. He can examine the evidence or ask independent parties to test it to determine if there are any legalities that work against the conviction of his client.

Jury Selection

A criminal defense attorney assists with the selection of the jury. He request for the removal of jurors who are biased against the defendant or for other reasons.

Plea Bargaining

This lawyer is responsible for following up on the status of the case and negotiating with the prosecutor on particular plea bargains. Philadelphia criminal lawyers can secure a favorable deal for the defendant that may result in a reduction of charges or penalties.

Continued Contact With the Client

A criminal defense lawyer should always be in contact with his client to keep him informed and abreast with any new developments. He should ensure that all conversations with his client are confidential. He must also explain any technical aspects of the case to his client so that he has a better understanding of the consequences.

Participation in the Trial

A criminal defense attorney fights for his client during trial. He examines and cross-examines witnesses and endeavors to prove to the jury that the prosecution has failed to prove its assertion.


If the criminal defendant accepts a plea bargain or is convicted for the crime, a criminal defense attorney can represent him during the sentencing phase. He can present factors to convince the jury to limit the penalty or to discuss possible alternative punitive measures.

Philadelphia criminal defense lawyers are equipped to represent criminal defendants to achieve the best possible outcome.

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