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What wedding dresses are trending in San Francisco?

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In a city as diverse and vibrant as San Francisco, trends are constantly changing. This is especially true when it comes to wedding dresses. This can be really challenging to keep up with, even more so because the wedding planning and dress shopping processes can take such a long time. Thankfully, we are here to help you by discussing some of the wedding dresses in San Francisco that are trending right now and that will remain in style into the future as well:

Floral Prints

Floral prints on wedding dresses are definitely on-trend right now in San Francisco. As we approach spring, florals are the perfect way to incorporate the changing seasons and achieve a romantic and feminine look. You can find floral used in a few different ways on wedding dresses – from floral lace options to three-dimensional floral appliques, to bolder floral prints on dresses. If you are planning a spring garden wedding then this is the perfect look for you.

Different Colors

San Francisco brides are starting to move away from the classic wedding dress colors of white and ivory towards different colors to make a statement and really customize their special day. The colors that we are seeing right now are mostly muted versions of pinks, purples, and even greens and blues! This is a great option for brides who aren’t completely traditional or maybe just don’t like how they look in white. Either way, they are bound to be unforgettable in a colored dress.

Lace Gowns

Lace gowns are definitely trending right now as we approach spring and summer but the great thing about lace gowns is that they are pretty much always in style. Many brides are skeptical about lace because they see it as old fashioned and something that their grandmother would wear but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are many modern and trendy ways to wear lace that still captures the beauty of the material without looking grandmotherly. If you are a true romantic at heart, lace might be the perfect thing to have in your wedding dress.

Ruffled Skirts

Gowns with ruffled skirts are really in style right now and provide a great way to really wow your guests when you walk down the aisle. If you have always pictured yourself in a big princess ball gown dress, then adding ruffles to the skirt might be the perfect thing to really complete the look. We personally love this trend with tiers, ruching, and different materials like horsehair. You can either add a ruffled skirt to a beaded bodice, a plain bodice or even add a crystal belt in between to add some sparkle. We are a fan of all three!

Flapper-Style Gowns

Now that it’s 2020, the roaring 20’s are back with flapper-style gowns trending in San Francisco. These sheath dresses feature things like vintage beading and fringe. Throw in a great vintage headpiece as well and you are sure to stun your guests and transport them back 100 years!

Finding the perfect wedding dress in a huge city like San Francisco can seem like an impossible task. The many different boutiques and dress options can be totally overwhelming – how are you supposed to narrow it down? Once you have set a budget and have a general idea of the styles that you like based on the trends discussed above, you can start researching boutiques. Try to find quality boutiques that offer special and personalized experiences for their brides with the best stylists. That way, finding the perfect dress is not only possible, but it’s enjoyable too!