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What types of men’s windbreakers are there?

Men’s windbreakers
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Men’s windbreakers are jackets designed specifically for outdoor activities. They are typically highly versatile and durable. As the name suggests, the primary function of windbreakers to keep the wind away from your body and helping your organism maintain an optimal temperature. Windcheater jackets are nowadays made from fashionable fabrics that keep you warm but also make you look good.

Men’s Windbreakers – Main Available Types

a. Single-Layer Nylon Windbreakers

Most windcheater jackets marketed out there feature a single layer of nylon. They are thin and very lightweight, and they should be worn over one or two other layers of clothes like shirts or pullovers. These models are tighter to your body, and they help you achieve a sleeker look.

b. Insulated Windbreaker Jackets

This type of men’s windbreaker jacket displays a fleece liner that keeps you warmer than the alternative mentioned above. This linker boosts the item’s wind resistance and keeps moisture away from your body. You will increase your body temperature much quicker if you wear this kind of windcheater.

c. Outer Shell

These are very similar to the classic lightweight rain jackets, but outer shells aren’t water repellant. They are best suitable for bike commuters. They are sold in larger sizes so that you can place them over bulkier layers that you’re wearing underneath.

How to Find the Perfect Men’s Windbreaker Jacket

There are several guidelines you should follow if you want to purchase the best windbreaker that suits your needs and preferences:

  • Choose one that’s made from breathable yet waterproof materials. If you search long enough, you will find a jacket that contains DWR coating, which is applied to make the item resistant to water and moisture. Still, this layer tends to wear off with time;
  • The most important factor should be the jacket’s wind resistance. After all, that’s its main purpose of helping you keep warm even when it’s windy outside. At the same time, your body should remain able to breathe and eliminate toxins through sweat. It is quite challenging to find a windbreaker that features the perfect balance between breathability and wind resistance;
  • Before purchasing it, try it on to make sure it suits your body type, and it’s roomy enough. Larger jackets allow you to create layered outfits;
  • The hood of the jacket should be well-designed. That means you should see well when you’re wearing it even when you turn your head to one side or the other;
  • Search for windbreakers that come with plenty of smart pockets in which you can keep your belongings. Besides the classic front pockets, it should also have chest pockets and even some storage space on the inside part.

Usually, the more you’re willing to invest in a windbreaker jacket, the more features and advantages that will benefit you. Speaking of advantages, let’s see the most important pros that this clothing item provides.

The Main Advantages of Men’s Windbreakers

Compared to thermal or outer layers, windbreakers offer a higher number of strong points:

  • They are extra lightweight so you won’t even feel you have them on;
  • These jackets are easy to pack and fold and they can even fit into a normal-sized pocket;
  • They are quite affordable compared to hard-shell jackets or raincoats.


Men’s windbreakers are made from durable, lightweight, breathable, and wind-resistant materials. These jackets are so comfy and practical that they allow you to perform all your outdoor hobbies like traveling, hiking, trekking, etc. The best ones are waterproof and made from breathable yet durable fabrics.

You can use these versatile clothing pieces when you’re outdoor, almost all year round, from spring to fall. The insulated version can be used during winter months as well.