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What to sell on Instagram in 2021? 10 business ideas from a marketer

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By the end of 2020, more than 845 million people have registered on Instagram. Therefore, the presence of your business on this social network means not just additional advertising, but the most effective tool that allows you to maximize your target audience, increase sales and promote your brand.

By the end of 2020, more than 845 million people have signed up on Instagram. This figure is expected to rise to 988 million by 2023. Therefore, the presence of your business on this social network is not just additional advertising, but the most effective tool that allows you to maximize your target audience, increase sales and help promote your brand.

In 2021, Instagram can replace your online store. You can start a business with minimal investment. There is no need to spend money on web store development, domain purchase, and content manager services. It is also not necessary to rent a room for storing goods. It is enough to create a page, fill it with products and start selling. For capturing quality content for your website, quality lighting comes in handy. More details about the best light can be found here.

10 trends to help sell on Instagram in 2021

# 1. Unique content

Gone are the days when writing text wasn’t Instagram-friendly. In 2021, text matters. Moreover, it should be not beautifully written, but true. The main Instagram trends of 2021 are real reviews which form the impression of a particular product. If you place detailed reviews and product reviews on your page, potential buyers will subscribe to it.

# 2. Social responsibility

Instagram is not only a world of beautiful images but also a social network where you can loudly express your position. People support brands that do great things. If you hold actions for the benefit of humanity, people will definitely support you. This will increase customer loyalty and help the brand grow in the eyes of people.

# 3. Using micro-influencers’ opinions

Instead of asking “What to sell on Instagram in 2021?”, it is important to ask: with whose help to sell? Millions of girls from small towns and villages use this social network and follow the “stars”. And each of them wants to resemble a popular singer, TV presenter, or popular blogger. Therefore, they buy the goods which celebrities advertise. But in 2021, marketers are betting not on stars with a multi-million dollar audience, but on bloggers with several thousand subscribers. According to them, micro-influencers get more attention from their target audience because they respond to comments and questions. They are more likely to communicate with subscribers in the comments section, and therefore they have a better chance of convincing a person to make a purchase.

# 4. Hashtags

Selling on Instagram in 2021 will still require hashtags that help find the target users. Up to 30 hashtags can be placed in one post. The main thing is to use thematic hashtags, the rest are perceived by Instagram as spam and have a negative impact on the page.

# 5. Augmented reality

Various masks on Instagram are at the peak of their popularity now. The number of similar tools in 2021 will only grow and, accordingly, attract new subscribers.

# 6. Stories

About 600 million people a day watch stories and that says it all. Stories help to increase your target audience and are more efficient than posts. If a post can disappear from the feed, stories are always in sight and if your brand is interesting to a user, he or she will definitely watch them.

# 7. Instagram shopping

In 2020, online stores began to move to Instagram. You can post price tags and product announcements there. In 2021, people will be able to buy directly on Instagram, which in a couple of years will become a real issue for other online stores.

# 8. Texts

English is one of the most popular languages in the world. In 2021, you can use a post on the social network instead of a full-fledged landing selling text, and place videos and current offers in the stories section.

# 9. TikTok style video

Instagram will introduce a function that allows shooting videos similar to TikTok. This will allow sellers to announce video contests that create buzz around their brand and drive sales.

# 10. Desktop version

Doing business from a phone is not as convenient as from a laptop, and therefore the desktop version of Instagram will be significantly improved.

To whom we sell: Instagram user portrait

Almost the same number of women (57%) and men (43%) are registered in this American social network. 71% of users are young people under the age of 24. At the same time, the number of users in the 25-34 age group is growing. Over the past 12 months, the number of registered users has doubled. An active Instagram audience consists of young people who follow trends and want to obtain fashionable items right after they appear. Based on this data, it is easier to understand what to sell on Instagram in 2021.

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