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What to look out for when hiring a roofing repair professional

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Not all contractors can offer every kind of repair service. Some are good with mechanical and electrical items, but others are experts when it comes to house structural repairs. One such contractor would be roofing repair professionals who can deal with everything from a leaky gutter to broken shingles that look not so flattering. So in this article, we’ll give you sound advice as to what to look out for when hiring a roofer.


To be honest, there isn’t really any specific license to become a roofer. However, just simply having a general contractor’s license means the company you’re looking at has the skill to do what needs to be done. It also ensures that the company is legitimate and won’t run off with your money at the first sight of a problem.

What other people don’t know is that not all roofers are the same. Aside from licensed and unlicensed ones, there are also those who only do roof plumbing activities while there are those who could strip your roof bare and put it back in a jiffy. So think about what you need and how your contractor would fit that need.


Another important consideration is looking for a roofer that can actually service your home. Proximity will not only help when it comes to delivery and promptness, but it also has something to do with your ability to visit them in case you need clarification or a refund. So better limit your scope to companies that are within your area. Let’s say you’re from Missouri, you could start by looking for a Kansas City roofing contractor or something along that line.


To be perfectly honest, warranties aren’t always a requirement or explicitly given by a company to a client. But that doesn’t mean a good contractor won’t give that!, While we do have laws to protect you from possible issues that may occur during the project, it helps when your roofer can provide you with a written express warranty that shows the extent of their service in case anything goes awry.


If you aren’t sure about any roofer within your area, it’s good to check online or with a friend to see if they have anyone they could recommend. Referrals are good because they can give you a bird’s eye view of what’s going on in the biz and if whether or not they’re any good. But be wary of overselling which could lead you to hire a roofing contractor who’s totally not worth it.

Good customer service

Aside from a good referral and a license to boot, your roofing contractor must have good customer service. And I’m not just talking about being able to answer calls of irate customers (although that certainly counts). What I’m saying is, good customer service is already evident during the first meeting between a company and its potential client.

How courteous was the person you spoke with when you were just inquiring about the service? How fast were they able to give you details? Do you need to talk to somebody else just to get enough information? This speaks of professionalism and a certain passion in the job that is definitely appreciated.


Warranties are good and all that, but nothing beats a good insurance policy. Having insurance usually means that a contractor understands the danger of his or her work and that he needs to be prepared for any eventuality that may happen in your home or for his or her employees. Good contractors have this on-hand and it certainly won’t hurt if you ask about this. Fortunately, most licensed contractors are required by their state to have insurance, but it’s better to do your research on the matter just to be sure.

In summary

You should never compromise when it comes to roofing repairs. That’s why you should only trust contractors that meet most if not all of the above criteria. If you haven’t found one yet, don’t be afraid to take your time, well unless you already have a serious issue then I guess it would be alright to hurry up a bit.

Story by Bilal Sajjad. Sajjad is a full-time writer who loves to write about home improvement, buying and selling new homes and property.

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