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What to look for when choosing your new office furniture

Photo Credit: lilcrazyfuzzy

If you’re kitting out your office with brand new furniture, whether you’re moving in for the first time or revamping the space, you might be wondering where to start. From what you need, to the design, colour, usability and functionality, it can be overwhelming to work out just what you should buy, particularly if you’re on a strict budget. From Affordable Bisley office furniture to ergonomic chairs, we’ve put together a few tips for what to look for when you’re choosing your new office furniture.

Work Out The Basic Needs

In any standard office, your employees will be sitting and working for a number of hours, so you need to make sure that they can do so in the most comfortable environment for their job. This means ensuring that all of their basic needs are catered for, including a comfortable and ergonomic chair, a sturdy desk and any equipment that they need. Outside of this, you can go on to invest in social areas, somewhere to prepare tea, coffee and lunches and keep your employees and their comfort in mind at every stage.

Set A Budget

Before you can begin looking for the right furniture designs, you’ll need to set yourself a budget that you know you can stick to. By having a solid budget in place, you can keep your search more focused accordingly. In some cases, you may find that investing in good furniture in stages, rather than all at once, could be a better long-term plan compared to buying cheaper alternatives that may need replacing or revamping sooner.

Determine Your Office Style

It’s important to pick out the furniture that contributes to the style of your brand the most. It should reflect your business’s identity while keeping comfort and practicality in mind. A good design can help to brighten moods and boost morale, whilst easing stress and increasing productivity. You could also add a little bit of colour psychology, such as the use of blue for wisdom and tranquillity and orange for creativity and energy.

Consider Multi-functionality

Multifunctional furniture can be a great way to not only save money but increase productivity and efficiency within the office. For example, a desk that can be raised or lowered between sitting and standing offers employees the opportunity to choose whether to stand and work, or sit or switch between the two throughout the day. More and more technological advancements have also seen the introduction of connected power solutions in the form of desks or relaxation spaces for break time, as well as private seating pods that can be booked for meetings, for the chance to relax, and more.

Take Wellness Into Consideration

Healthy and happy employees are productive employees, and for this reason, you need to take wellness into consideration when kitting out your office. From ergonomic furniture to spaces dedicated to taking a moment to relax during break times, building your office around your employees and what they need is crucial. Creating a good work culture will give your teams the morale boost needed to improve their workplace attitude, and therefore productivity.

While there’s no one way to decorate an office, paying attention to what your business needs, what your employees could benefit from and your own brand’s identity can help you build up a whole new design that works for everyone.