What to look for in a quality watch

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A watch is something personal – everyone has their own taste and preferences in style and design. So, we can be misplaced to claim that one watch is better than the other. However, if you are keen on getting a quality watch, then there are a few things that you should watch out for because not all watches are created equal.

Here is what to look for in a quality watch


When it comes to watches, heavy is good and reliable. The reality is that a quality watch has to feel like one. The pieces and components that make up the watch are complex and use up a considerable amount of space and weight. So, when you pick up the timepiece and assess it, it shouldn’t feel like a toy. High-end pieces like the Grand Seiko, Rolex, OMEGA, Longines Hydroconquest etc., have parts made from precious metals that carry weight.

The movement

You’ve probably heard about this one – like quality watches don’t make the characteristic watch sound (the tick-tock). Well, it’s true. For the high-end pieces, the second-hand glides smoothly. This is not to mean that they don’t do the tick-tock, but the movement is well constructed and finely tuned that the sounds happen like nine times on a second, gliding effortlessly round the clock. This is what differentiates a $5 movement from a $1000 movement.

Made in Germany, Japan or Switzerland

According to watch experts and enthusiasts, these three countries make the best timepieces. Switzerland is definitely regarded as the center of the watch world by almost everyone. Although there are also good watches from countries like the US and Uzbekistan, most luxury watch brands that you’ve heard of are made in Swiss (Tag Heuer, Rolex, Tissot, Breitling, OMEGA). Japanese also has a few high-end brands too, like Seiko and Citizen, but aren’t as expensive as those from Swiss. Some German watches like A. Lange & Söhne watches are considered ultra-luxurious.

Case and strap

Cheap watches often have straps made of hollow stainless steel. The lower end luxury ones use solid stainless steel – you can differentiate this by their weight. High-end pieces have their straps crafted from precious metal like gold, platinum or high-quality leather. If the watch has metal bracelets, the different sections should be held together by screws as opposed to pins. This way, it will last longer and look classier.

Watch glass

A quality watch will have a glass made out of sapphire, which maintains a clear and scratch free look even after rough use. Mineral glass or crystal glass will do for an average watch – but will be prone to scratches and craps. Top end timepieces also include a reflective coating to prevent the sun’s glare from obscuring the time – cheap ones don’t.


There are numerous brands in the market, but only a few are well known. If you buy a watch from top brands, it’s likely that you are getting quality. There are also fashion/ consumer watches. But you should note that price point doesn’t often translate to higher quality of production materials. Consider the above aspects first before settling for a brand.

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