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What to do in an earthquake

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If you live in an area regularly hit by earthquakes, you know all too well that they can hit you without a moment’s notice. Even though preparedness is not always on your side, there are still some steps to take to prepare yourself as best as possible when it does happen.

What Are Earthquakes?

First off, what is an earthquake? In plain terms, an earthquake occurs by the sudden shaking of the ground that’s caused by a group of seismic waves traveling through the Earth. You might consider the area you live in a place that isn’t affected by earthquakes, but according to FEMA, all fifty states in the United States are at risk for earthquakes.

Making Your Plan

As with any disaster, having a plan beforehand is most important, especially with earthquakes. You want to walk you, your friends, or your family through a safety plan so that everyone is on the same page.

Discussing evacuation is also necessary in case the earthquake is considered severe and staying in your home is no longer considered safe. If there’s children living with you, explain to them how important it is to take cover, such as under a heavy piece of furniture or even under a doorframe.

Keep Calm

You also want to react quickly and calmly. If the ground starts shaking, immediately spring into action.

You’ll receive alerts from your smartphone almost immediately and most likely also get information before it happens. If not, simply tune into your local news network and take your family to a safe place.

This might seem inconvenient to some, but if you live in an area constantly hit by earthquakes, it might be a good idea to consider having some of your appliances bolted to the wall or floor. Some of these appliances are your fridge, any gas appliance, and even your water heater.

Your Emergency Kit

An emergency kit is also a must. It’s similar to how some people keep blankets or even a first aid kit in their car in case of an accident. You would need to store it in a safe location, easily accessible. Some supplies for an emergency kit include a flashlight, blankets, snacks, water bottles, masks, a first aid kit, and even a smartphone charger.

Tips for Surviving an Earthquake

Now, what do you do when an earthquake is already here and you don’t have time to plan?

First things first, drop to the floor and cover your head. You want to find a structure that’s sturdy but also one that won’t easily crush you. Hiding under a table or even a desk is a good example. Try to stay completely still and only move if absolutely necessary. Next you will need an earthquake emergency kit.

As with tornadoes, you want to stay away from windows and anything that could fall on top of you. It’s a common misconception but you should not for any reason stand under a doorway. If you’re lying in bed, simply stay put and cover your head.

If you’re outside, find a clear area and immediately drop to the ground. You want to get away from buildings and especially power lines as quickly as possible. Being in your car is another place you don’t want to be, so if you’re driving, make sure you’re not going under any bridges, overpasses, or power lines.

With these helpful tips, we hope that you remember them when it comes time to act and act quickly. Keeping your family up to date with emergency guidelines and important. It might be hard and seem pointless at the time, but when you’re stuck in a situation that you would have otherwise been helpless in, you’ll thank us and the authorities.

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