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What software do employers use to spy on employees?

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Are you concerned about the productivity of your employees? Do you suspect they are not giving their undivided attention to the job?

The employees are often more interested in surfing the web during office hours and refuse to focus correctly. Such a neglection can cause the company some loss in terms of money and resources, as the chances of error-free work are reduced to an extent. A lot of debate goes on whether it is ethically okay to monitor the activity of the employees, but that’s a conversation we shall put away for some other day. The growth and prosperity of the company shall always come forth.

The purpose of employee computer monitoring softwares

The practice of using software for monitoring employees has become quite normal in recent times. It allows the employers to access and monitor the employee’s computer to assess their performance. Consequently, it helps consider appraisals and promotions for the truly deserving and hardworking employees and serves justice to those who do not indulge in unprofessional attitude during work hours.

Opting for exceptional employee tracking software is tricky, as it must tick all of the boxes. It should be selective to your needs. Here are some features that the software must offer:

User-friendly interface

Not everyone is tech-savvy. Getting a hold of software can be tricky at times, especially for old age people. A software that offers easy to use settings is a hit among companies as they have to spend less time training the staff and teaching them the basics. Therefore, before getting a subscription, look into the technical difficulty level of the software; it’s going to help save an ample amount of time. The goal is to enhance productivity, not introduce hindrances to it.

Time tracking

The most crucial feature of computer monitoring software is time tracking.

Good software will enable you to track every application on the computer, including search on the web and social media use. What’s the point of investing hundreds of dollars annually only in finding yourself helpless at the hands of the software that refuses to record and show the time spent on different applications on the computer? Thus, always look into the details of the software and evaluate whether it assists in managing and tracking the time spent on the computer on different applications.

Integration ability

What if the software does not integrate with the other applications that are used in the company? Well, the software is incapable of fulfilling its basic requirements.

A significant factor to consider when choosing monitoring software is to research its capability to integrate with the numerous different applications that are essential. Proper research before making a decision can help save the employers’ time and money.

Guideline violations

There are specific guidelines that are set by an organization and must be followed without any compromise. However, many a time, employees violate the rules and regulations and indulge in immoral activities on the company’s time. The software must alert the administrators about any such activity to take strict action against the violator.

Analytical reports

Monitoring is not the only purpose that software has to fulfill; it should also provide accurate analytical reports for all the employees. This helps get a better understanding of where the employee is lacking and what can be done to fix it.

They may be spending a great deal of time on a single task while it can be managed in half the amount of time. Therefore, it enables the employers to assess better and help boost their employees’ productivity by understanding the work strategy.

Pros of employee monitoring softwares

  1. Better productivity levels: There’s a significant rise in the productivity levels of the employees after employee monitoring software is used. According to a study, people are more likely to work efficiently once they realize they are being watched.
  2. Direct Investment: Many people believe that implementing employee monitoring software in the company is a direct investment as it ensures fruitful results. The employees seem to waste less time on irrelevant things during office hours which maximize the work done every day. Therefore, benefitting the company in terms of money and resources.

Cons of employee monitoring softwares

  1. Lack of trust: As beneficial as it may be, it can often result in a lack of trust between the employer and the employee as the employee may feel like his/her personal space is being invaded, which gives rise to hurt sentiments.
  2. Violation of privacy: The employee may likely think their privacy is not being respected and consider it a violation. Before subscribing to the software, make sure it is legal in your country to avoid any unwanted problems.

Best employee monitoring softwares available

  • Kickidler — is an employee computer monitoring software that ticks all the boxes of requirements. It was developed in 2013 and has climbed the ladder of success tremendously. It enables remote employee’s monitoring in an office setting to ensure maximum productivity and eliminate any possibility of setbacks in the business due to sub-par performance. The affordability is the best part about this software, followed by the wide variety of features and controls it offers.
  • Teramind — is a big name in the market and is known for its outstanding services. The pricing is reasonable, and it allows the prevention of data loss, threat detection and other similar services.
  • Hubstaff — is another powerful employee time tracking software that guarantees increased productivity in the workplace. It offers a two weeks free trial to test out its features.

These are some out of many tremendous employee monitoring softwares available. Try developing trust with your employees and talking to them about why it is crucial to use the software for the betterment and prosperity of the company. Once that’s established, consider the affordability of the software and match the features to the price to ensure the charges are worth it. All in all, no company has ever regretted spending money on softwares of this kind so if you are still contemplating, we would suggest you go for it.

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