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What questions to ask a moving company before hiring it?

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People who are going to move and search for professional help to cope with this process for the first time are not informed enough how trusted moving companies differ from scammers. In fact, sometimes it is enough to ask a company employee for some questions to understand if you should order its services.

We have interviewed CEO of one of the US leading moving companies California Movers San Francisco, who shared how to recognize a decent mover and what questions to ask. According to his words, the questionnaire looks as follows:

  1. How long has a mover provided moving services?

It is natural that young companies have not managed to create an efficient relocation strategy. However, ones with 100 years of experience can be relaxed too. Clients had better look for companies which have been in the market for 5-10 years and follow the latest trends in the industry to offer their clients the most innovative solutions.

  1. Does it have any references and testimonials?

Like any other business, movers have past clients who have already shared their experience (both good and bad one). You can ask a company manager to show them to you. Remember that only super positive and emotional reviews make people doubt too.

  1. Is it licensed and certified?

It is important to turn to movers who work legally, so the confirmation of this fact is a license from the FMCSA and inclusion to the list of Updater Certified Moving Companies. Moreover, ask if there are any certificates which prove an excellent performance of the company among other competitors.

  1. Does a mover insure cargo and in what way?

Some relocation companies offer lower prices avoiding insuring the cargo they move. However, it is better to choose movers who insure your possessions and do that per item (not by weight) to be confident that in any unpredictable situation, even if you do not get any of your belongings in the excellent condition, you will be compensated for them.

  1. What documents are given to clients ordering services?

When you come to an office of the company and agree to order its services, you need to sign a contract listing the services included and the rest of the important points connected with your move. If you have ordered a moving quote, it is added to the document. There are companies which also provide an itinerary and a document to handle to the movers or coordinator after the completion of the process.

  1. What is included in the cost of relocation? 

One of the most widely asked questions for all clients is a financial side. Every company has its own price list with standard and additional services. Depending on movers, they can charge money by hour, size of the team, weight of cargo etc. Experts advise learning what kind of quote is made (some of them may lead to changes in the moving price), which services are included and which ones are paid separately, whether a person should pay anything to movers on the day of relocation etc.

  1. Are there any extra fees?

It often comes as a surprise to customers to have to pay for some services additionally. That is why it is reasonable to ask if there are any extra fees not included in the contract and even list the main to ensure that a company representative does not miss anything. They include flight charges, insurance, carrying cargo up and downstairs, finding a parking place, elevator charges, long carry charges etc.

Naturally, this list of questions is not full since you may be interested in much other information regarding vehicles, responsibilities of the moving team, the way moving is performed, etc., but it contains information which will help you to define the reputability of the mover and if you should order services in it.

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