What pisses off the libs?

democrats republicansWhat passes for public policy right now coming out of Washington comes down to a simple litmus test: what pisses off the libs?

We’re not talking multi-dimensional chess here, folks. Checkers, barely.

Case in point: need a new CIA director. Can we find somebody who had something to do with torture back in the ‘aughts? Great. There’s your nominee.

National security: put a guy there who isn’t satisfied with us losing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but wants to start a new one we won’t win in Iran.

Send out the surrogates again to rant about Mueller taking too long with his investigation, and at the same time wonder aloud why we can’t spend more time investigating Hillary. No, it doesn’t make sense to do both at the same time; that’s the point!

The libs can’t stand it when things contradict each other.

Like back when we put Scott Pruitt in charge of the EPA. And then put Mulvaney in charge of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Of course we want them to dismantle things from the inside. Again, the point!

And then, court packing. Yes, we blocked Garland from being a Supreme, but now the issue is Dems blocking the segregationists we’re trying to slide in before the midterms. It’s not at all hypocritical to complain about them doing that.

OK, so it is. Whatever. Pisses off the libs!

See how easy this is?

Gotta give credit to them Republican types. They know how to wield power. Democrats waste their time in power reaching across the aisle trying to forge compromise. Ha!

You could have had single-payer, but decided to go with a Heritage Foundation healthcare plan because you thought you could get Republicans to back it.

Fools! They ran from it like scalded dogs, and now after neutering even that compromise healthcare plan by taking away the individual mandate, causing the marketplace to crash and burn, they’re acting like it’s your fault.

You copy their plan, they undermine it, and it’s your fault.

Pisses off the libs, anyway.

That, and leaving Dreamers hanging in perpetuity, talking about how we need a wall, talking up Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize for dealing with North Korea, who even he has to know is getting ready to play him like a cheap kazoo.

None of it is about anything substantive.

It’s all about pissing you off.

And it’s working.

I’m not telling you not to be pissed off. Maybe you could channel that anger into something other than being pissed off.

Might be a good idea, there.

Column by Chris Graham


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