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What makes a time clock software successful?

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When a business has hourly employees, it is important to ensure that a correct employee clock is employed and introduced, to ensure that the payroll is correct and accurate. So many systems these days are not accurate meaning it both can affect an employer’s accounting and payments, but the employee’s accurate salary per hour and time they invest within the business. The Deputy’s time clock software offers a wealth of positive features that can ensure both employer and employee protection. It is important to explore the opportunities and benefits that the time clock software presents to a business; as it ensures that no one can bypass their responsibilities for attendance.

Time clock solutions accurately track an employee’s time dedicated and given to any business. Be it on the shop floor in retail, to hours in the office, staff will need to make sure that they clock in and out upon their arrival and departure, to and from the workplace. This system can be enhanced further to provide GPS tracking installed within devices that clock in and out, to ensure staff are on site when required to, for example. Of course, this can seem quite excessive, but the location trackers can be involved, only when the employee works remotely and offsite for example. This would ensure the hours are kept religiously and the pay is accurate and not overestimated in any way possible.

Of course, to present this idea to a team of staff and business in general, does not come easily. Staff may be concerned with the location tracking features integrated, whereas employers would be concerned with the actual costs and Return of Investment (ROI) that this would bring to a business. Yet rest assured, it provides the utmost protection for both parties.

The biggest advantage of using this software is that an employer will not need to manually input hours of their staff-it is all computer done and automatically updated. It is possible through human error, that hours may not be up-to-date or altered to the over-time hours that staff may take beyond their contracted hours. For this reason, it comes in the workers interest to use this, as their hours will never be recorded manually at any given time, and be the most updated version to the pay they are actually owed.

What is the best clock software?


ClockInEasy is a perfect clock software for businesses that are small to medium in size. It allows the employer to see the total hours that each employee actually worked during their time at the workplace; with additional facial recognition, it makes sure that only the right employee clocks out or in for payroll purposes. However, some employees that have tired it out for themselves, do say that the system is not easy to pick up-especially for the older generation that are not used to technological advances.

Costing for this software however is pretty cheap, coming in at $5 per month, for 100 users to be integrated within its monitoring system.

Time Clock Wizard

This is another clock software; however, the function is suitable for all business sizes. That is what makes it appealing-it does not limit itself to just one type or form of business. This system allows employee/team member tracking, in addition to giving estimations of salaries with and without tax additions.

There is a free version that business owners can incorporate into their business, however the number of users is limited, so if you have a smaller business, you could trial it out for all your staff involved. Bigger team members may struggle a little bit.

This system also includes a GPS function, which is great to use if you have staff working in remote locations and work locations. Again, this software is not the easiest to use, so users may struggle to keep up with the system and learn, however there are easy tutorials so business owners can pick up the basics and pass it on to their staff. You can even integrate the system within your tilling system, to monitor cash flow and staff members involved with making sales too. This is why business owners like to use this, especially within retail. It ticks the box of everything they actually need to do, without introducing too many components to continuously track and monitor.

Each clock software brings different attributes to a business that can highlight the strengths of your business, if used correctly. It is necessary that a business owner does their research beforehand, to ensure that they are able to select the correct clock software that achieves their goals and needs to mediate and manage staff correctly. Selecting a system that operates multiple functions, is better than deciding to go with one of limited means. Sector of business and staff count is everything, when considering which software works best for your needs.

Story by J Holmes

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