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What is the main purpose of an image recognition system?

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During the last decade, AI image recognition systems (IRS) have made a huge leap towards top-notch accuracy and efficiency, making the spectrum of its applications as wide as ever. Taking into account the predicted 15% industry growth by 2026, it would be useful to uncover some of the image recognition system benefits that could complement your business starting from today.

Image recognition technology explained

As they say, each genius idea is perfectly simple in its concept. Image recognition is a vital part of computer vision technology, aimed at identifying objects of any kind by comparing them to already known ones. The computer learning process very much reminds of the way a child learns to recognize items of the outer world. The key is to give as many good-quality examples of an object in various settings, states, lights, and positions as possible to ensure 99% recognition capability.

Top 7 image recognition system use-cases

The greatest thing about AI is that it’s so versatile and flexible that it can be integrated into any business and any field you could possibly think of. Here are some examples of IR applications through the lenses of different industries and general ways of computer vision beneficial implementation.

Business processes optimization

Data is the driving force of any business and since it mostly comes in the form of images it’s vital to keep it organized and adopt solutions to navigate through it quickly and efficiently. Custom picture recognition software can identify images by their content, organize them for your best convenience, and extract them fast when required.

Data security enhancement

Every company is concerned about its data safety and breach elimination. Face recognition, being a branch of image recognition, can secure the entrance by scanning the faces of incomers and comparing them to the staff database. Apart from that, each room or desktop can be supplied with the same scanning camera to ensure the security of valuable data.

Image recognition in manufacturing

Obviously, the manufacturing industry can benefit from IR implementation to avoid production defects by checking and comparing the visual qualities of details and goods to the reference standards given to the computer. The technology is also able to decrease the level of workplace injuriousness by detecting hazardous situations, actions, or outward appearances of employees.

Medical imaging booster

Of course, medical imaging is a totally independent branch of research that can do without Artificial Intelligence. But together they improve the quality of medical service and save lives with a minimum fudge factor. Image recognition here helps diagnosticians see disease signs at earlier stages and prevent them from developing into serious illness cases.

Driverless vehicle technology

Image recognition is the reason for this wonder to come into existence. Although Tesla cars with full driverless technology might be not available to the majority of the population, IR is already used in public transport vehicles and passenger cars to signal the driver about close road objects, red traffic-light signs, or proximity of a pedestrian crossing.

E-commerce analytics and prediction

Online shopping and purchases via social media are right at the top, especially since the pandemic outbreak. Image recognition integrated systems are absolutely essential for trend detection, customer activity, and experience search and forecasting. Trained to analyze what it sees, AI can ensure safe investment and maximize return.

Diversification of face recognition applications

We’ve already touched upon the face recognition use case on the local company level but let’s look deeper. Surveillance on a national or even global level also relies on image recognition system projects, as well as vehicle tracking through millions of security cameras. When in a food serving spot, clients’ facial expressions and emotions can be used to predict one’s menu choice and decrease the overall time of servicing.

The final thought

The width and diversity of image recognition integrated systems application into businesses can’t leave one indifferent. Medicine, engineering, E-commerce, or global security – whatever industry you’re in, there’s always a place for AI and the benefits it can bring to those who go hand in hand with innovation.

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