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What Is team augmentation and how to take advantage of IT staff augmentation?

What is team augmentation? What is IT staff augmentation? What do these two terms imply? How to take advantage of team augmentation? How to get started? If you’re asking these or similar questions our article is exactly what you’re looking for. We will provide exact definitions for this term and explain how to get started with and take advantage of it successfully.

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Terms such as “team augmentation” and “IT staff augmentation” are very popular nowadays in the IT sphere. Many companies prefer team augmentation to hiring in-house developers and traditional software development outsourcing. However, not everyone understands correctly what these two terms imply. Let’s try to find out.

Team Augmentation Definition

Simply put, team augmentation implies hiring remote employees for certain positions/skills which the team is lacking. For example, a leader of an iOS app development team may realize that even though they have great developers they are lacking an experienced QA lead and testers.

He or she will then turn to an IT staff augmentation company such as CyberCraft. The company will help them find and recruit the needed talent which the team is lacking. As such, team augmentation and IT staff augmentation basically mean the same thing.

IT Staff Augmentation Advantages

There are many advantages to team augmentation. We’re going to focus on the most important ones:

  • Cost efficiency
  • Direct access to the needed talent
  • No legal hassle or paperwork

Let’s analyze each of these advantages in detail below.

Cost Efficiency

Team augmentation allows you to cut development and operational costs by up to 60%. First, salaries abroad are much lower than in the US or Canada. Secondly, so are the cost of rent, equipment, employee benefits and so forth. All of this adds up significantly to the final cost. Hiring offshore developers instead of local ones may help you to cut those costs by a significant degree.

Direct Access to the Needed Talent

Unlike traditional outsourcing which implies little or no management of the development process on the client’s side, team augmentation implies direct management and control of the developers on the client’s side. The client communicates directly with the remote employees on a day-to-day basis and tells them what to do.

On the contrary, in the case of classical outsourcing, the development company manages the development team – they usually have a project manager, team lead and other stakeholders who manage the developers.

No Legal Hassle or Paperwork

The staffing company serves as the official employer of your employees. Therefore, it takes responsibility for salaries, taxes, employee benefits, office space, equipment and so forth. This rids you of much legal hassle and paperwork and helps you concentrate on the actual development process.

How to Get Started with IT Staff Augmentation Services?

Starting with team augmentation is easy – you just have to find a reliable IT staff augmentation company with a proven track record. You should clearly define which positions you want to find remote employees for and provide a detailed list of requirements to the staffing company.

The latter will then proceed to find and recruit the best candidates according to your requirements. The newly hired employees will become a part of your team working full-time on a remote basis at the staffing company’s development center.

If you feel that you’re ready to get started with IT staff augmentation then get in touch with CyberCraft – a trusted IT staff augmentation company with a proven track record whose clients include prominent Silicon Valley startups and global corporations. They will provide you with a free consultation and detailed estimate with salaries & rates for their team augmentation services.

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