What is rosé?

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Rosé wines have become extremely popular over the last few years, thanks to the younger generation exploring different wines. Normally when we think of wines, we think of red wine and white wine. But there is actually more than just that and that is what we are going to look into.

When you think of rosé wine, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? If you are thinking brunch and Sunday Funday, then you are not alone. Rosé has become a favorite for weekend brunches and day drinking with your friends. The reason why won’t shock you, but rose is actually a fun flirty wine. That is why it is favorited by a younger generation. If you walk into any popular brunch spot in Los Angeles I guarantee you that you will be able to spot at least 4 groups of people sipping on a bottle of rosé. It has become fun because it is in the middle of a white wine and a red wine. Normally for brunch, we drink champagne. Now we can drink both champagne and rosé. Who could ask for anything better?

Rosé wine is also a great day at the beach beverage. It’s sweet tasting and always refreshing. Does not get you thirsty like some other types of wines. And what’s even better, is that you can find canned rosé. Which makes it possible to be able to enjoy it at the beach! As much as we love our glass bottles, maybe we should look into the canned rosé options as an alternative.

How is rose made?

Rosé wines are going to be wines that are not technically red, but that certainly do have color. They actually get some of their colorings from the grape skins, but it is not enough coloring to classify it as a red. Basically, what does winemaker does, is incorporates the red color of grape skins to the mix and then stops it before it gets too dark. Your rosé wines are going to come semi sparking or sparkling. If you get sparking you are going to have a more bubbly rosé. Which we usually recommend for beach outings. We recommend that you serve your rose at about 45-55 degrees.

It has always been unclear when the first rose was made, but we researchers believe that many of the early “red wines” were actually more of a rose color as opposed to the dark red that we know of today. That is simply because the grapes were not as heavily pressed back in the older days like it is today. Some rosés are actually just red and white wines mixed together. Although that is highly frowned upon in most winemaking areas and is illegal throughout France.

We are going to list the grapes most commonly used in a rose wine.

  • Provence – fruity and delicate
  • Grenache – fruity
  • Sangiovese – fruity strawberry
  • Tempranillo – light, watermelon
  • Pinot Noir – fruity and delicate
  • Syrah – savory, strawberry
  • Cabernet Sauvignon – savory, deep cherry
  • Zinfandel – sweet
  • Tavel – dry and rich
  • Mourvèdre – flowery and fruity

What kinds of food can you pair with rosé

When drinking any wine it is pretty important to pair the wine with a certain food, like for example if you are drinking a pinot noir you are going to most likely be eating some type of light red meat. As opposed to pinot grigio where you are most likely going to be eating a creamy dish or seafood. So here are the good foods to pair with your next bottle of rosé.

For your appetizers, if you are serving rose you might want to consider serving the following

  • Hummus-This Mediterranean dish is a favorite by many. Trying serving it as a nice little snack while you’re sitting around with a glass of rose
  • Olives and prosciutto- If you have a little meat board prepared for your gathering rose would pair really well with it. Consider having a white and red wine available as well for other preferences.
  • Anchovies- Now this might sound a bit strange, but anchovies are actually well good with rose. And while anchovies are an acquired taste for some those who love it will love the anchovy/rose relationship just perfectly.

Now let’s look at some entree options!

  • Pizza- We all love a good pizza night and movies, Rose is a great compliment to pizza and it goes great with salad as well.
  • Seafood- Rose is great with lobster, tuna and salmon, Consider making some little tuna rolls or salmon tartar for a cute little snack and have some rose with it. Your guests will love it.
  • Sandwiches and wraps- Having a lunch day with the girls? A wrap would go perfectly with that glass of rose you ordered. And the best part is wraps are light so you will not feel overstuffed.
  • Hamburgers- Burger night? Perfect let the guys enjoy their beers and girls get a bottle of rose and gossip while eating some amazing burgers.

We hope that this was helpful in explaining all about rosé. Now grab a glass or a canned rose and sip your worries away.

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