What is multi-tabling in online poker?

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Simply put, multi-tabling is when you play at more than one table simultaneously. All online poker sites have specialized software that allows you to have multiple tables on screen at once.

Multi-tabling has many benefits. For example, some players find it challenging to stay focused while playing online poker due to various distractions in their playing environment. When you’re multi-tabling, however, you’re in action more often, so you’re less likely to lose focus.

Read on to learn more about the advantages of multi-tabling in casino online poker.

The Major Advantage of Multi-tabling

The primary goal of playing at multiple tables is to increase your win rate per hour. If you often win at the $100NL table, chances are that you’ll have even more winning per hour by playing two tables at once instead of one. You can imagine what would happen if you open three or four tables at once.

You can potentially double, triple, or even quadruple your win per hour by opening some more tables. While this sounds simple, you should keep in mind that your play may deteriorate for every additional table you sit down at.

Tips to Win at Multiple Tables

You don’t need to play too differently than your normal game while multi-tabling. However, there are a few strategies you can implement to improve your odds of winning at multiple tables.

Play “ABC Poker”

The ABC style of poker involves avoiding unconventional lines and mostly playing strong starting hands. This style of playing may make it easy for your opponent to predict your next move, but it often results in fewer long or difficult decisions as you maneuver your way through the session.

Stick to a Single Game

Some online poker sites offer a wide variety of poker to choose from. However, it’s a good idea to stick to one game when playing at multiple tables. The more poker variants you play at once, the higher your likelihood of making an error that could cost you money.

Minimize Distractions

When multi-tabling, put away anything that could distract you. Turn off the TV, keep the phone away from the playing area, and mute social media chats. Eating or drinking while playing may also be a source of distraction.

By implementing these measures, you’ll optimize your concentration levels, which is essential for successful multi-tabling.

Play Within Your Limit

Avoid playing more tables than you can handle comfortably. Everyone has a specific number of tables to which they can pay attention and still be profitable.

You should find your limit and stick with it. The moment you start going beyond your limit, the law of diminishing returns will take charge. Eventually, your gameplay and profits will deteriorate.

What’s the Ideal Number of Tables to Play On?

Many poker sites are trying to lower the number of tables you can play on. At most casino online platforms, you can only play on three to five tables simultaneously. However, even the most experienced players usually can’t play more tables than that successfully, so this limit isn’t a problem for most people.

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