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What is JavaScript?

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So, if you are reading this article, then I am guessing that you probably have a few questions about JavaScript, like what does it do and what is it used for?

Well first off, it is a very popular programming language that helps you incorporate a lot of functionalities in your programs in an easy and swift manner. It could be argued that its uniqueness comes from its ability to run right on your browser, while most programming languages for the web run on a server.

So, what is JavaScript actually capable of doing?

Javascript is perfect for interactivity. For example, let us say that you are on a blog post with a gallery of pictures, and once you hover your mouse over one, it shows you a description, or if you click on the picture, it dims the background. In that case, you have just seen from basic JavaScript in action!

It could also enable real time content updates. For example, if you are looking at a Google Maps with clickable pinpoints. The special things that Javascript does here is that it does not reload the whole page if you click on one pinpoint, it just goes to the server to obtain that set of information that you requested for by clicking. Every time you zoom on the map, it goes to the server again and gets the necessary images. Once again it does that without having to reload the entire page, hence you do not lose anything that you were working on that is on the page.

Formfields is also an example of Javascript at work. For example, if a form field asks for a date, you can simply click on it and then it can automatically bring up a calendar. That helps remove the possibility of typing a date incorrectly.

Moreover, you can also take data that is typed and feed it to JavaScript, and it will immediately generate charts and drafts for you. These charts are also updated automatically depending on the data that is being fed to them.

Overtime, JavaScript has evolved to be able to provide more functionalities. Here is a list of some of them:

  • js: allows you to write your queries and write all your tasks
  • React js: you can design your application with one single code base that can run on both iOS and Android. Similarly, Angular performs similar functions.
  • Electron: allows you to easily build cross-platform desktop applications.
  • React VR: allows you to design total virtual reality experience just using Java script.
  • TensorFlow: Usually, Python and R were the go-to for machine learning, but now, using TensorFlow, you can do it all using Javascript.

In general, this powerful language is extremely useful to learn. However, if there is one major takeaway for you from this article is that JavaScript is in no way, shape or form related to the Java coding language, they are actually completely different languages for different purposes and even run on different machines. All you really have to remember is that JavaScript is the one that runs on your browser, while Java does not. To make this easier, think about the words “exam” and “example”.  The only similarity between those two words is just sharing the first four letters and this is exactly the case with Java and JavaScript.

When it comes to learning JavaScript, it is always best to start with courses that teach javascript for kids. This is because they would usually take you through all the basics first before getting into the advanced elements.

Good luck on your JavaScript learning journey! Now get coding!

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