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What is buy now pay later with no money down?

buying a car
Credit: Kurhan
When it comes to buying a car, you can either finance it, or get it with “no money down”. So what does this mean? Well, many times you often hear of the option to buy now. What is buy now pay later with no money down? Is it a scheme? A plot? Or a horrible and sick joke? The true answer is no! It’s really possible in order to do this with proper leasing options from some dealerships.

No Money Down

We’ll cover the latter part of this first. In order to get the proper term for this, you want to know that the lender can actually only take a few minutes before they can get your auto loan approved for you. Sometimes this is based on credits with some lenders, but others like those at MuscleCarFacts have available can get you that loan in no time. You don’t need to make an actual down payment on your vehicle in order to purchase it. This is basically a loan in which you get your vehicle for the best possible price based on various factors (like income, frequency, etc.). In order to get the best, fill out your info and be honest and you can get a link to a very good lender to purchase your car.

So, I Can Actually Pay Later?

When you get a buy now pay later no credit check instant approval loan, you’re getting a loan that you actually don’t have to make a down payment on as mentioned above, but what it means is that you will have time to come up with your first payment. While it may sound too good to be true, getting this type of loan can help you drive off of the lot with this actual car in order to make sure that you get the vehicle you need which you can pay later on. That’s the most awesome deal out there!

What About My Credit?

These times don’t actually have a credit check, and you can even opt for a special loan in which they don’t give you a credit check. Do you have bad credit? Hey, it happens to the best of us. And most importantly, a lot of times it happens earlier on in life and you’re still paying for it later. Muscle Car Facts understands this and offers a no credit check auto loan so you can still pay your monthly payment and still have your dream car.


Some people believe that these are quick scams, but the truth is that they aren’t; the main factors that affect whether you can get one of these loans is your age, income source (you need to have a job that pays enough to make your payments), your actual employment history (a loan like this requires trust, so it’s important that you’ve been working somewhere for a while, and your CIBIL score and current EMI’s. The CIBIL score isn’t actually the leading factor on whether you’re eligible for a loan, but it can actually help you save more money and get better loan flexibility. This doesn’t mean that you’re not guaranteed for an application approval though. So head to and get your dream muscle car today!