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What is a yoni pearl detox?

yoni detox
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The chances are that by now you have probably heard about yoni detox pearls.

They have become the talk of feminine hygiene products and show promising results for women wanting to improve their vaginal hygiene!

What are yoni detox pearls, though? In short, they are a small application that is full of organic herbs and remedies that can do a deep cleanse in 24 hours.

Many women use yoni detox pearls to help fight off the following issues:

  • Yeast infections—because they are no fun to go through
  • Bacteria infections—because it could lead to infertility
  • Heavy menstruation—because it just plain sucks
  • Vaginal odor—because it is super embarrassing when you’re smelly down there
  • Inflammation or itching—because no one wants to be tempted to scratch in public
  • Vaginal tightness—because why not try to improve your sex life?

While much is still being learned about yoni detox pearls, here are the main things you need to know about this little feminine hygiene product.

  1. They are organic and natural

Yoni detox pearls are made in a pristine environment and have only organic and natural ingredients in them. This means that there are no chemicals added to the mix and no risk of being toxic during use. The ingredients used are safe, natural, and mainly herbs that are produced naturally in the environment anyway! Think of it like Mother Nature’s gift to girls!

  1. They help detox the vagina—seriously!

This concept might sound really weird, as we usually detox with what we eat and drink, such as doing an alcohol detox! But your vagina needs detoxing—in a healthy dose—as well! This is because, based on what we eat, our menstruation cycle, and our sex life, our vagina is at high risk of getting clogged up with bacteria. A vagina pearl detox provides assistance in using natural remedies to get rid of any unwanted bacteria and preventing things like endometriosis and hemorrhoids from occurring.

  1. They are shown to help with a range of female problems

If you are a woman who suffers from abnormal vaginal discharge, menstruation pain, yeast infections, or even endometriosis, doing a yoni pearl detox might have many benefits for you. It is even shown to reverse these issues for many women! Of course, every person is different, so it is also important to chat to your doctor about seeing how yoni pearl detoxes might actually help you and the medical issues you are battling.

  1. They zap out more than toxins

Yoni pearl detoxes are most commonly known for getting rid of toxins and bacteria in your vaginal area. However, they get rid of much more than that! Often, there are dead cells, blood clots, and leftover mucus stuck up there—which overtime can cause infection. Yoni pearl detoxes get rid of all of these while also ensuring that your vaginal area does not get too dried up!

  1. They offer fast results

You will most likely be seeing the full results of yoni detox pearls in no more than 48 hours from pulling it out of your vagina. It is common that it will be bigger than when you first inserted it, which is because it has absorbed all the toxins and bacteria hanging out in there. It is very similar to a tampon in that way! Some of the first results you should see are the color and pain levels of your urine and your odor from that region changing. Plus, these pearls are also said to enhance the metabolism of the vaginal tissues in the area, which means that the region can heal much faster after childbirth.

  1. A small pearl does a lot of work

Normally women use between 1-3 yoni detox pearls to complete one full vaginal cleanse. Overall, the full effects of a yoni detox pearl will take around a week, but everybody will have a different reaction to it. There will also be long term effects from the detox, meaning that you should see a difference in your vaginal area (for the long term.) The main reason for this is that the herbs in the yoni detox pearl enhance blood circulation in the vagina, making it harder for unwanted blood clots and bacteria to become stuck there.

Just with any other medical issue, it is always advisable to consult your doctor before doing a yoni pearl detox cleanse. The most exciting part about this feminine hygiene product is the positive results that so many women are seeing, making it more optimistic that women’s lives will get a whole lot easier. There are so many risks of things that can go wrong down in our vagina, so having a remedy that is natural and aids with such a range of issues is very promising! Just add this one to the list of feminine hygiene products you should be stocking up on!

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