What is a unit in sports betting?

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Customer service agents at betting sites can tell you that this question is common among both casual and new sports punters. Unit is a very popular word in sports wagering. This article explains what punters mean when they mention the term unit.

What is a unit?

When used in sports betting, the name refers to the measurement of the size of a bettor’s wager. Since every punter has a different stake amount when wagering on sports wagering. The “unit” name is a method players use to talk about loss or profit in basic terms.

For example, a bettor placing $10,000 each wager against the NFL and expects to win $18,000 in a season does not come close to a bettor who places $10 each wager against the spread and expects to win $180 in a competition. Unit use helps bettors a better term to monitor rewards without the value of the dollar.

Merrybet who are not serious bettors does not consider units to be a big deal. The reason is they can visit a betting site with a specific amount and use it all once on a single bet or in a few bets. Someone might not lose the money at once but if they don’t get any wins, a bankroll of for example $500 will disappear within 3 bets if they place wagers worth $100.

According to the basic sports wagering rules, a player should only bet around 1-5 percent of their funds on every wager. So, generally, people have accepted that one unit equals around 1 percent of the bankroll. Although no one has officially approved this, it is a great way to determine a single unit.

If you use this formula, a player with $1,000 bankroll needs to bet $10 every denomination. On the other hand, a punter with $50,000 amount should bet on $500 for every unit.

When a player utilizes a bankroll control technique that suggests 1-5 percent of their total amount per wager, they can essentially need place wagers ranging from 1-5 units.

Most sports handicappers use units to release their players. One of the most popular is 1-5 units and other times 1-7 units. In most instances, the 1-3 units can be considered average players, while 4-7 units can be considered huge plays.

What does it mean when a punter states that they have 25 plus units on the year?

It would mean a measure of the player’s success in the season at that time. In case a player says that they are +25 units, it means that they are 25 times ahead of the one unit value. It can be plus $25 for one bettor or plus $2500 for another bettor.

How a handicapper with a 25-32 have over 15 units

Players can have a five hundred record sub and still have more units if they are wagering on huge cash selections or underdogs. For instance, selecting only underdog teams on the NFL can give a player a not pleasing record but huge rewards over the season.

Is it possible for a sports punter to have over 1546 units?

You can find several methods that bettors can inflate their numbers to feel good about themselves. However, as we stated before, a single unit represents 1 percent of the total bankroll but this is the general rule and every bettor has his own strategies. For instance, a bettor can have a unit of 0.001 percent of the total bankroll. This pushes the number of units up.

Story by Lucas Ryan

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