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What has changed for the online gaming market during these years?

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It is undeniable as the game industry today denotes a significant lack of creativity and courage, which instead had been widely demonstrated during the previous decades, when the productive and creative effort traveled to other territories, more closely related to the concept of console, linear technological upgrades and position warfare. However, there is a premise and a clarification: if twenty-five years ago things showed more open and sunny scenarios, it is also true that we were moving towards a new vision of play and entertainment, which today has become customary. The scenarios have really changed a lot, for example think of the parallel market such as that of home video, audiovisuals or music itself, which within a generation had to adapt first and then be satisfied with a market niche, so much so that today it becomes increasingly complex to be able to make a speech on the music industry. The games sector, be they arcade, strategy, videogames or gambling, have in fact collected all the work done over the past 15 years. It was an epoch-making change, of which at the moment we only see the tip of the iceberg as the entertainment sector in the future will have more and more space and will attract more and more financial resources involving an increasing number of people in this sector, as is widely illustrated in pop culture, in films and fiction.

The offer of online gaming today

Over the past 5-6 years the offer has changed a lot, oriented towards a new technology and an increasingly widespread diffusion of smartphones and tablets, which in fact have gradually modified, subverted and replaced the tools that we had learned to know and to love through which to play online. In terms of gameplay and functionality, very little has changed, also because apart from the trends, the game has remained the same. Take for example the data of the safe slots online games that are the litmus test of this 2019. The data of the current year indicated that among the online games roulette is at the top of all the rankings, showing what the new trend could be for 2019-2020. However, among the data in surplus and that track a positive balance, there are also some games that are no longer able to break through and attract the critical mass of users, as in the past. In the available offer, one of the favorites remains a classic ever, that is the game of French roulette which among other versions: classic and European, remains one of the most popular games ever, in the collective imagination of all, as an example of the game of an elegant gamble that refers to a bygone era although available today on the latest generation phones.

Game traffic is almost all from mobile devices

Something has been deliberately lost or left out, but the technological battle, albeit with some sacrifice, has been won. Of course, for gambling it is necessary to do a wide-ranging review, given that today about 70% of the traffic comes from tools and mobile devices, a sign of how this type of sector has changed, but at the same time has been able to grasp this change in a decidedly perspective positive. Certainly there are points to the advantage, but also something that does not work and does not turn perfectly, a signal that often occurs when there is a vast and epochal change. In fact, the gaming industry has played a really fundamental role, since up to 15 years ago it was almost entirely related to the section of the traditional physical game. The golden age of the fixed PC game did not last long, with a great result for sports poker and Texas Hold’Em, with typical features of the mass phenomenon, given that in Europe there was a lot of talk time of pokermania, linking this fashion and media hype to a success that knew no such illustrious and recent precedents. It is more complex to reflect on the possible scenarios that lie ahead for the coming years. The gaming industry is certainly taking up the challenge given by technology, given that some gambling halls are also equipping themselves in terms of augmented reality and viewers to make the gaming experience more immediate and immersive.

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