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What happens after COVID? A look at a post-COVID office policy

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COVID-19 has forced changes in the workplace from social distancing to remote working.  Many of these changes will remain for the long term even after the pandemic. As a result, the drastic changes in our practices will affect when, where and how we work.

The changes will be more prevalent in our workplaces. The three aspects that are likely to be impacted by the change are technologies, physical space, processes and policies.

The physical office space

There may not be radical changes in the physical space since most offices are designed to accommodate social distancing and space. However, there will be few modifications in areas such as break-out spaces, neighborhoods, and benching.

Generally, the reconfiguration of dividers and the panel systems’ implementation are drastic changes that we should expect in the physical workspace.

New technological adaptations

The high demand for remote working experienced during the pandemic has shed some light on the importance of technologies and digital resources. The need for remote working saw companies adopt platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom to facilitate the new norm.

The adoptions remain in most companies and seem to become part of the companies’ infrastructure as they integrate agile digital infrastructure. Other adoptions that have become necessary for companies include document-sharing apps and chat software for team collaboration.

Introduction of new policies

The policy changes will be more dramatic than the physical and technological changes. The social distance policy should stick around, leading to new habits such as a new form of greetings and communications. Besides, sanitary practices are likely to be the new norm in every workplace and the screening policies for every employee.

In the future, you are likely to come across policies such as “Don’t report to work if you have the flu.” The Covid-19 pandemic will prompt many organizations to mobilize their workforce to be alert for crises and interruptions in every aspect.

Sample COVID-19 vaccination policy


  • Purpose: In accordance with KONA(R)‘s duty to maintain a safe workplace, we are adopting a new sample Covid-19 vaccination policy to ensure safety for everybody and their families. This provision is guided by CDC on means to curb the spread of Covid-19.
  • Scope: Every employee must receive Covid-19 vaccination determined by the Human Resource department by June 2021. Employees who fail to comply with this policy may be placed on leave for further determination by HR.
  • Procedures: Employees will be informed of the vaccination dates and the type of vaccination to be provided. KONA(R) will cater for all costs as remunerate employees accordingly.
  • Accommodation: Employees may be exempted from the policy if they submit a complete request for accommodation due to a sincere religious belief or medical grounds. Note that accommodation will only be granted if the HR department deems it fit for you and the fraternity.

You can reach the HR department for inquiries.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused rapid workplace disruptions. As a result, workplace resumption will be marred by the urgency to get back on track. However, new policies and practices will be the new norm for most companies.

Story by Brad Bernanke

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