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What features can you expect from a good air conditioner? Your top questions answered

Air conditioner
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Air conditioning units have definitely advanced in aesthetic appeal and efficiency. You can now expect a range of features that you wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of in the past. Today for instance, air conditioning systems can also have dual cooling and heating capabilities. You can make use of them the whole year through, winter and summer alike. Of course, air conditioning systems or units are primarily for cooling, so if you are looking to have a more manageable cooler temperature indoors, you can opt for a basic one as well.

You can also choose from different models or units, from window-type air conditioning units to split-type units which you can mount on the floor or wall. If you prefer you can choose to have a simpler portable unit that may be less expensive but maybe not as efficient to run compared to larger fixed place units. But in general, air conditioners come with some common features, and it pays to know what these features are and what you can really expect from a unit. Here then is a list of some common features of a good air conditioner: your top questions answered.

Mode setting

Aside from being able to cool the air indoors, you can have an air conditioning system which carries other settings – and these include a fan cooling ability, a fan speed control feature and even a decreased noise level feature. Here’s a tip, however: if you are using your air conditioner for your bedroom, it would be a better idea to go for a split-type air conditioner rather than a window-type one because split-type units have a quieter operation. Such a unit will help promote better sleep, especially if you are a light sleeper and would like a more peaceful bedroom environment.

A thermostat

Another common feature of air conditioning units nowadays is a thermostat. The thermostat is fully adjustable, which means that you have complete control of the temperature in the space or room at all times. You can adjust the thermostat to your preferred temperature, and the temperature will remain constant until you adjust it again.

A timer

Air conditioners will also often come with a timer built in. A timer allows you to set a time for the unit to either switch off or switch on automatically. Timers are definitely useful if you would like to reduce your utility bill by not having your air conditioner run or operate for too long, especially if you’re not in the building. Air conditioning experts like recommend choosing a unit or system with a timer if you want improved efficiency.


Any air conditioner will automatically and inherently dehumidify your indoor air or environment simply because it will cool the air inside and remove the extra moisture or dampness from the air. This ‘feature’ is especially useful for moisture-rich environments. Humidity can be the bane of furniture and electronic equipment, and it can also lead to the buildup of mould and mildew. Dehumidifying an internal space you’ll have a much better (and healthier) indoor environment with any kind of air conditioning unit as well.

A heating plus cooling feature

As already mentioned, there are systems nowadays which can come with both a heating plus cooling feature through the addition of a heat pump. You can take advantage not only of split-type systems for this but some portable units, too. Manage your internal space air quality and maintain a comfortable temperature all year round.