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What does HR actually do? 7 key responsibilities

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Most people tend to underestimate the value of the HR department. Though its primary job is to ensure the well-being and security of its employees, it has a larger role to play than most people realize.

With the advent of newer technology, new software has come out to help with HRIS solutions that make specialists’ jobs easier.

However, here, we will be discussing seven key responsibilities that the HR department has to take care of daily.

Finding candidates who are a suitable match for the company

Human resources professionals do more than posting an advertisement and interview applicants to fill a vacant position in today’s date. Current HR executives come up with new labels for a job to attract ideal candidates.

Human resource executives strive to establish their respective companies as valuable workplaces. HR executives also gain this kind of appreciation from companies by developing a supportive atmosphere and offering adequate remuneration and incentives to recruit ideal applicants.

Conducting regular surveys

Human resource executives perform personnel audits every quarter. Today, HR practitioners play an essential part in encouraging workers to succeed in their careers. Instead of merely rating them on a checklist, human resource professionals help them define newer opportunities and create concrete measures for enacting the same.

By helping the employees grow in their careers, new HR practitioners gain a greater perspective into the potential reach the employees hold within themselves. With these surveys, the specialists help the employees and the company by promoting the best possible candidate to a higher position.

Playing a part in company planning

This is a responsibility that most companies have decided to take on only recently. Usually, not many companies care to keep the HR department in the loop of their future decisions or partnerships.

Since managing the employees is something that the HR department is adept at, it will only do good for the company to consider.

Ensuring that the company stays up to date with its policies

HR departments also handle the section of policies and the code of conduct. Though the legal team also has a big hand in policy-making, the HR department has the last say in this case.

The HR department handles cases like sexual harassment or employee benefit violation. Therefore, even if a lawyer sets the legal terms, the complaints are registered at the HR desk.

Conducting specific training sessions

Training and growth are also other features of human resource planning and management. It helps to develop current abilities and incorporate new ones. This role is critical not just for the accelerated growth of the company, but it also sends a message to the employees that the company cares about their professional development.

Besides conducting seminars and training courses, you should praise their additional attributes. It makes them feel attended, which further motivates them to work harder. For example, if one of the candidates is very good at persuading, you might ask him to teach other workers.

Initiating employee engagement

The HR department plans activities for the company that not only assist in relieving them of the work stress but also instill employee engagement. These activities also include social events or functions that are arranged in the office premises.

A relaxed mind in a calm environment makes it easier for the employees to focus better on their work.

Arranging a warm welcome for the recruits

The HR professionals arrange the orientation of the recruits.

As it is famously known, the first impression is the last — they gear up to make a lasting impression on the very first day.

Subsequently, new employees can get acquainted with the workflow without missing out on the sense of belonging.

Story by Nitin Maheta. He is the founder of and a tech geek.

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