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What does exactly the HR department do?

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There are a lot of departments in the organization but the most confusing one is the HR department. Every employee of an organization knows very well that it is important but every employee wants to know exactly why it is so. So, do you know what does HR department does? There are a lot of differences between the healthy HR department that contribute to the organizational growth and the one that exists somewhere across the basement archives and pops up only one time in a year for the holiday party.

Here is a piece of deep information about the working of the HR department does or what they ought to be doing to fulfill all the needs of the employees. To ensure that the company has an outstanding HR department, see what suggestions they get in the meetings.

What is an HR department?

Simply put, the Human resources department is a group of people who are responsible for handling all life cycles of the employees such as recruiting, training, onboarding, hiring, and firing employees and other related administrative benefits.

What does the department do?

Ask your employee what a human resource department is and you will get all your answers done that deals with all uncomfortable scenarios of the work, such as firing, HR violations, and layoffs. But the truth is only that the HR department is here to support their employees. It is quite a real resource for humans too.

Here, we have some tasks that an HR department needs to complete every day as given below:

1. Recruitment of employees

HR requires to comprehend all the needs of the organization and ensure that all those needs get fulfilled when recruiting for some new positions through recruitment marketing software. It is not an easy task to post some job ads on Indeed and you need to analyze the market, consult with stakeholders and handle budgets.

2. Hire the right employees

The HR department is in charge of interview arrangements, coordinating with hiring efforts, and on-boarding all newly joined employees. They are also ensuring all about the paperwork included with hiring some employees and assuring to navigate successfully.

3. Payroll processing

Payroll is a significant part that is being handled by HR Department. All expenses need to be reimbursed and bonuses require to be added. Imagine that it must be like HR and ensure that they are properly conducted every pay for each period.

4. Conduct all disciplinary actions

The responsibility may be why an HR department tends to grab a bad rap. When it comes to navigating properly, then disciplinary actions may lead to the loss of all valuable employees and can even result in poor reputation or litigation.

5. Policies update

All policies need to get updated each year as the business firm changes. It is the job of an HR department to make some officials updates to all policies and advice changes in the policies when they do not serve the company any longer or the employees. Sometimes, a company policy ought to be updated or changed as a reaction to any happening. HR should be included and consulted while making such decisions.

6. Maintain all records

It is mandated by law to maintain all HR records. These records assist all employers to figure out the skills gap to assist with the process of hiring &analyze all demographical data and keep up with all regulations.

The bottom line

In a nutshell, now we know very well how important an HR department is to an organization and why to access Talenteria in all. These responsibilities make the Human resource department a vital part and parcel of the business firm.


Story by Tejas Maheta. He is the Founder of and a tech geek. Besides blogging he love reading books, Learning new things, and Hanging out with friends.

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