What does a notary do?  

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There are some situations where you think you have compiled all the information you need only to be told that you need to have something notarized. This could leave you scratching your head, wondering what exactly this is. A DC mobile notary serves as an official witness for various documents that are of the utmost importance. According to the National Notary Association, the job of a notary is to serve in a position of integrity. This is usually a position that is appointed by the local state’s government, usually by the secretary of state. This individual serves as a representative of the public as an impartial witness.

The goal of any notary is to act as a witness and deter fraud related to important documents that need to be signed. These are called notarial acts. These professionals have been designated as officials and are expected to follow rules and exercise personal discretion similar to individuals serving a court of law.

While all of this is interesting, it also serves to highlight the importance of a notary. There are a few tasks that a notary is asked to perform on a regular basis. First, the notary’s job is to verify someone’s identity prior to him or her signing important documents. Some of the most common examples include property deeds, powers of attorney for financial decisions and healthcare, and even wills. The notary will also make sure that the individual is signing under his or her own free will. The notary may also make sure that the individual understands the gravity of the decision and may also put the individual under oath that the information in the document is both correct and true.

In some cases, people might even need something known as an apostille. This is an attachment to the original document that verifies it is both legitimate and authentic. One of the most common situations in which someone might need something like this is for acceptance to the Hague Apostille Convention. Usually, those who are able to apostille a document have also been appointed by the Secretary of State of a local government. In some cases, individuals may be able to act as both as a notary while also being able to apostille a document.

Overall, there are a few common situations in which someone might need a notary. The most common time is when someone is closing on a house. This is one of the largest purchases that someone is going to make in his or her life. Mortgage terms commonly last thirty years. Therefore, this is a major decision that should not be made lightly. A notary is often required to witness a signature at real estate closings. Therefore, these trained professionals serve an important role in society. They help deter fraud at some of the most important times.

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