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What do the top sports stars do for fun?

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When we think of the world’s top sports stars, we often imagine people who are so dedicated to their craft, they have practically zero time to themselves to rest, relax, and enjoy themselves. But, surely, if that were the case, they’d have burned out long before now?

Most sports stars enjoy a myriad of activities to help them switch off from their day-to-day training and fitness routines – and we can fill you in on the ways that many of the top sports stars do for fun.

Lionel Messi

Possibly the most decorated footballer to have graced the beautiful game, Messi is well-known as an introvert who enjoys spending his spare time at home with his family. Amongst his dedicated family time and commitment to raising the status of grassroots football, Messi enjoys chilling out with videogames on his PlayStation and smartphone – maybe he should check out the plethora of games available on – watching television (with programs such as ‘Lost’ one of his top choices until it became too complex), and playing the piano, which he is, perhaps surprisingly, very talented at.

Simone Biles

Known for her wonderfully feisty attitude, sheer determination, and on-point routines, the US gymnastics star has become one of the biggest names in sports, and for a very good reason – not only is she a multi-award winning gymnast, Biles actually invented the two-back-flips-followed-by-a-half-twist-in-a-laid-out-position! With four German Shepherds at home, Biles enjoys spending her free time with the dogs and puts her abundance of energy into their care and exercise routines. She also enjoys experimenting with different make-up looks, in line with the habits of the Insta/TikTok generation.

Megan Rapinoe

Cementing the legend associated with her name during the last World Cup, Megan Rapinoe is one of the most decorated female footballers in the U.S. In her free time, she enjoys listening to hip-hop – famously quoting the late, great Nipsey Hussle’s song words after winning the World Cup – and promoting her personal brand, which focuses predominantly on the relationship between equity, progress, creativity, and art.

Roger Federer

On the tennis greats, Federer joins Messi as a self-confessed family man in his downtime, enjoying dedicating his energies to his family and friends. Although many of us would deem his outside interests as ‘work’ – blurring the line between business and fun – Federer would argue that his business interests are actually a source of fun and enjoyment for him, citing his foundation supporting children in Africa as one of his key focuses outside of sports. Whilst perhaps unusual for some, this wholesome dedication to improving the lives of children from underprivileged backgrounds says a LOT about him as a person.

Serena Williams

One of the most successful stars to grace the world of tennis, Serena Williams is famed for her powerful serve. But, despite her powerhouse performances on the tennis court, she is much more like the rest of us than we would assume! Like many, she enjoys watching movies, silly television programs, and plays sports in her spare time, as well as reading, spending time with family, and organizing her many different business ventures. Combining her love of fashion with her dedication to sport (just look at some of her on-court outfits to see what we mean), she even coupled up with Nike in 2004 to debut her custom-designed apparel line. What. A. Woman.

So, there you have it – all the different ways that some of the biggest sports stars kick back, relax, and have fun in their free time.

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