What do the feds know? Augusta County ranks low on measure of natural amenities

augusta-county2editsThe Washington Post has put together a map of the United States that uses a federal government measure of supposed natural beauty on a county-by-county basis.

You might think Augusta County, surrounded by mountains, with lakes, hiking trails, tens of thousands of acres of green space, would fare pretty well in this measure.

Shows what you know – that, or what the federal government knows.

Augusta County ranks 1,541 out of 3,111 U.S. counties according to the measure, which supposedly ranks counties based on qualities including weather, topographic variation and access to a body of water.

Scroll over the map, and you find out that we have “low natural amenities.”

Augusta ranks behind counties in New York and New Jersey surrounding New York City, counties in California surrounding Los Angeles, and just slightly ahead of counties in Illinois and Indiana surrounding Chicago.

Again, in a measure of “natural amenities.”

Pave it all over, apparently.

– Story by Chris Graham


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