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What consumer data reveals after 300 Nano hearing aid reviews

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Mounting consumer data about Nano hearing aids, measured since its release, shows that the company received laregly positive reviews for their various hearing aid models.

Hearing loss affects people in many ways and being able to hear properly again sets their lives back on track. Nano hearing aids reviews attest to their efficiency when compared to their affordability. The big challenge with hearing aids? The price / value gap. The market has hearing aids ranging from $29 to $4000 – and anyone who has a $4000 expectation from a $29 device, will inevitably learn that this is unrealistic. This is where NANO sought to fill a special gap in the American hearing aid market – providing affordable hearing aids that does not compromise on quality. To learn how efficient they have been, we turn to consumer data:

What reviewers are saying about the Nano X2R?

One of the top Nano hearing aid models is the award-winning Nano X2R. Not only is the Nano X2R a rechargeable hearing aid, but also has some of the most technologically advanced features available in any hearing aid.

Consumer reviews for the Nano X2R all agree that its features and sound quality are comparable to far more expensive hearing aids that they have previously worn. Being rechargeable, this hearing aid is practical for those who don’t want to be bothered with battery changes because it charges fully in approximately 4 hours and offers more than 12 hours of power.

Consumers love that they are comfortable to wear, discreet and that they are hearing better with them than ever before, something which allows them to appreciate the sounds of nature once more and to re-activate their social lives and hobbies.

Nano hearing aid reviews for the New Nano Sigma hearing aid

The Nano Sigma are wireless hearing aids and can be controlled from a smartphone with the Nano Mobile App. Consumers’ reviews show how thrilled they are to be able to take a hearing test directly on the Nano mobile app and then to adjust their hearing aids with one click.

Like all other Nano hearing aids, the Nano Sigma is small and discreet. Reviewers love that they have the autonomy to choose the best settings for their environment and sound frequencies.

As with all Nano hearing aids reviews, reviewers for the Nano Sigma reflect that the quality is superb for their price. One woman said her husband bought them temporarily until the end of lockdown because he couldn’t get his expensive ones repaired. In her review, she says he got the Nano Sigma because he wanted to make sound adjustments remotely, and he no longer feels the need to pay thousands of dollars for a hearing aid again after having used them.

The powerful Nano SX2000 as seen by reviewers

Customers who have bought the Nano SX2000 find that it has impressive results that are comparable to hearing aids costing 5 times more. These hearing aids are not only tiny, but also have easy to use volume controls and offer a wide range of frequency controls for all environments, feedback control, and noise reduction capabilities.

Reviewers of the Nano SX2000 use words like “satisfaction”, “great product”, “fabulous”, and “excellent service and product” in their review for the Nano SX2000.

What people are saying about the Nano CIC in their reviews

Nano also has two completely inside the canal (CIC) hearing devices. These are the Nano CIC Recharge and the Nano CIC Digital. People love the CIC models saying they are very pleased with the results of the volume adjust and their ability to cancel unwanted sounds. In Nano hearing aids reviews, they are described as the best bargain for their quality which is comparable to far more expensive brands. One woman who had to return hers attested to a fast response from customer service and received a quick replacement.

Other lesser known companies that sell affordable hearing aids online without requiring a hearing prescription are MDHearingAid and HearingAssist. Both companies sell a behind-the-ear model comparable to the Nano X2R and these can both be evaluated by reading their online reviews.

However, making comparisons between the three, the Nano X2R has a clear technological advantage. This is because it is a very discreet digital hearing aid with many features like background noise cancellation technology, and the ability to recharge them for more than 12 hours of use. The Nano X2R also has 2 directional microphones per device, allowing sound to be picked up equally from all directions. This is a feature that is rarely found, even in very expensive hearing aids.

Considering a broad range of reviews for Nano hearing aids, especially those for the Nano X2R, it seems to have become the first choice among consumers looking to purchase affordable, yet reliable hearing devices. Avoiding hearing aid scams online is important, since ordering an unknown brand with fake positive reviews will only delay the ultimate: which is to improve hearing.

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