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What casino games have the best house edge?

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Good players understand that things about casinos are not plain black and white, so it’s not always about winning and losing. Whether you’ve taken to online casino platforms to enjoy games or you’re still having the time of your life at brick and mortar casinos, you will feel better for focusing on enjoying the games for fun, instead of for the money to be made.

While doing this, you should not lose sight of the fact that winning is better than losing, and you can only enjoy your gaming session when you have the feeling that you are one step ahead of the odds. Coming to the odds, you should know that some games have better odds than others, and whenever you are making real money wagers, the successful free spins guide will let you know the odds, and the house edge of any game you intend to play. We are not saying that you must avoid games with high house edges. Since you are here to have fun, you should choose the games that offer more fun. However, it pays to know, and go further, the house edge can always be reduced for your winning chances to increase, when you make use of the right technique and strategy.

Understanding the House Edge

Every casino game has a small handicap built into it, and this is regarded as the house edge, because it is the profit that goes to the casino. This does not mean cheating on the players and neither is it a secret. We are talking about a mathematical representation of what goes into the casino platform from the amount placed as a bet over time, represented as a percentage. Though the meaning of the house edge could be that your winnings will be a bit less than what it could have been depending on the odds or that your winning chances are a bit worse than the true odds.

For instance, when a coin is tossed, the true odds would be 50-50. Your chances of winning would be 50-50 also, and when you place a $1 bet on head and the head finally comes up, your gain should be 2 dollars, meaning the dollar you bet plus the prize (which means the one dollar wagered by the person that took the tails). Now, when you remove the house edge, your winning may go down to $1.95 instead of $2, with 5 cents from the losing bet going to the house.

Of course, there will always be a profit margin like in any other business, and some part of the profit goes back to the casino industry. It is not easy to deliver high tech online games, with smooth play and exciting graphics. Some of the biggest online casinos like 888casino even organize forums for account holders to interact, share their opinions, and reveal tips to each other. The 888casino also has blog pages where game guides, strategies, slot playing advice, useful teaching aids for upcoming poker players, and comprehensive articles about casinos and professional players are shared.

Return to Player

We’ve explained how the house edge works in the simplest possible terms. However, there may be more complex variants in most games, and they may have varying amounts. But the simple thing to note is that it is better to play games with a smaller house edge. The house edge has an inverse, which is the return to player or RTP. If the game has a 97% RTP, it means that the house edge would be 3%. So, you should be looking for games with the biggest or highest RTP.


Among all the games of chances, the highest RTP is found in blackjack games, and because this is a game of luck, the odds of the game could be increased significantly by the player through some techniques. It comes with simple rules that could be deceptive – the game is played against the dealer whereby all players strive to get the number 21 or the nearest number to it by adding all their cards. To win, you must avoid not exceeding 21 to go bust. Meanwhile, there are varying rules for different games, and this makes them more complex and interesting, thereby affecting your winning chances.

The next way to increase your chances of winning is by using basic strategy. Here, we are talking about a set of actions recommended for particular situations. It involves knowing the right time to stand, hit, and double down where it is possible, based on the current hand and some other factors. Card counting is a controversial technique to win the game, and while this may not be outright cheating, many casinos frown at it.

The normal house edge for blackjack games is 3%, but some variants may have a house edge as small as 1%. When you employ the basic strategy, you may be able to reduce the house edge to 0.2%. This advantage is for online players, because they can choose from the avalanche of games available, and through this, they can select the ones with the best odds, and with rules that they are comfortable with.

Slot Machines

Slots have a high house edge generally, but this is not uniform in all the machines. The house edges of the online versions seem smaller than those of the land based types. The best of them have house edges of about 3%. There are even cases where you will see house edges of up to 15-20%, but because of the huge variety available and the fun enjoyed while playing them, the games still remain popular. Slots do not require any skill or prior experience and there are several promotional offers, bonuses, and rewards given to players to enjoy. To increase your winning odds here, you need to bet more substantial amounts, as this increases the payout chances. But the caveat is, never bet what you can’t afford to lose.


The odds of roulette wheels are much easier to understand than those of other games. They differ in the European and American versions; with the American version having a second ‘00’ to take their house edge to 5.26%, while the European version has only one ‘0’ and 35 other numbers to keep their house edge at 2.7%. Players can bet on even or odd, high or low, black or red, and will have 47.3% chances of winning when the odds is 50-50. When the bet is on a straight up individual number, the odds against the player would be 37-1 for American and 36-1 for European. When you win the bet in any of these cases, you will be paid 35-1 by the house.


Unlike the other table games, the best odds are found in baccarat, as simple as it is. Here, you bet on the banker or the player. When you wager on the banker, you will have a house edge of 1%, while the player gives you a house edge of 1.2%. Bets on a tie, which has a 14% house edge and that of a pair that has 10-11% must be avoided.

These casino games are the best you can play for fun and for money. Poker is a game of skill, and to win, you have to be an expert. Blackjack, baccarat, and roulette are the best for beginners because their odds are the best, and they are easier to play. Slot games offer the highest fun you can find among the pack, and you can land huge jackpot wins if you are lucky.