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What can a construction law firm do for you?

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Construction is dangerous. Period. Even the safest construction sites carry some measure of risk. This is why as many as 1 in 5 workplace injuries take place in construction.

Sure, companies provide resources such as safety programs and safety team meetings. But nobody is exempt from the roll of the dice. What are you going to do if you accidentally roll “snake eyes” while on the job?

Worker’s Compensation May Not Be Enough

Worker’s comp is a legitimate option if you’ve been injured on a construction site. But how much of it is available to you is often in the hands of people that aren’t obligated to look out for you. It’s a matter that’s hashed out between the employer and the employee.

Good companies still exist, sure, but large corporate entities can’t always be trusted to have your back.

Lots of Expenses While You Aren’t Making Money

Take a moment to consider what sort of shape you could be in by the time you need worker’s comp. The benefit often goes to people that aren’t able to return to work right away. Time away from work means lost wages.

Time away from work can also mean time in the hospital where medical bills can reach triple digits. You’re already paying off big numbers like a mortgage and a car payment. Do you want to be saddled with another debt just like it, just because you got hurt?

Oh, and if a company finds reason to believe that you were at fault, they might level some expenses towards you also. See how things can get ugly fast?

Expenses That Aren’t on Paper

Many an injured construction workers had returned to their job only to find that they aren’t what they used to be before they got hurt. Their ability to perform their previous workload may have been drastically reduced.

That’s the moment when injured workers find out that their employer isn’t paying them because they like them. Diminished working capacity means diminished earning capacity.

And of course, some workers aren’t able to return to work at all. Not at their current job and not at any future career.

Worker’s comp can fill in some of those holes, but rarely does it cover all of them, all the way.

The Difference Made by a Construction Accident Law Firm

Law firms like Halperin and Halperin will get to the bottom of just how many companies are responsible when you were hurt. You might work for one company, but each company is tied up in a web of partnerships, transactions, and so forth.

Each has its financial entities that could compensate you and help you recover from your injury.

Remember, it’s your responsibility to take all safety precautions, but it’s also your job to provide a safe workplace where your precautions can protect you.

If you’ve been hurt and you live in New York, look up construction accident law firm Halperin and Halperin and get protected from the storm that could sweep your finances away.

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