What are you wearing today?

businessWhat you wear can be a reflection of your inner voice.

The new world consists of educated and accomplished people who are doing great deeds to change the world. Which bring us to the issue today. Is it the suit that brings change to the world or it’s the person who is wearing it? I would say the suit and a hard working person complement each other like cheese and crackers.

Harvey Spector (Gabriel Macht) of the Suits played his character as a New York Lawyer pretty well. It’s one of the reasons we love Harvey Spector, he dresses for success.

Therefore, whether you like it or not, people will respond to you according to what you are wearing. What you wear can be a reflection of your inner voice which speaks the truth. Unless you sit behind a computer screen visit websites that offer online trading, casinos, loans or games, no one will notice you.

Your clothes do make the man

Confidence is built when you know that people in the room are looking at you and also look up to you.  Dress to impress. You wouldn’t want your dress code to make the wrong statement about you. Do not just put on clothes just for the sake of wearing but be careful and cautious about how you look before you leave the house.

Be nice to yourself

The best person to take care of you is yourself.  Take note that everyone has their own style because someone is wearing it better does not mean it will suit you. Just like not all real money online casino games are ideal for every player. Dressing inappropriately can be uncomfortable for you. People should take precautions on what to wear.  For instance,

1. High heels

Wearing high heels for a long distance or throughout the day can cause pain in the joints and ankles. High heels can lead to Osteoarthritis, a common form of arthritis. It’s a condition whereby the protective cartilage of the bone on your knees, spine, and hips wore off after some time.

2. Tight clothes

Tight pants can cause poor blood circulation and dilated veins. They slow down digestion.

Wearing thongs can also lead to vaginal yeast (infection), haemorrhoid and skin chafing.

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